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Child Abuse and Neglect

Attitudes Mediate the Intergenerational Transmission of Corporal Punishment in China

The Australian Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the Roman Catholic Church

Does Parental Substance Use Always Engender Risk For Children? Comparing Incidence Rate Ratios of Abusive and Neglectful Behaviors Across Substance Use Behavior Patterns

The Australian Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Aggression and Violent Behavior

A Comprehensive Theory of Dynamic Risk and Protective Factors

The Good Lives Model Among Detained Female Adolescents

General Causes of Violent Crime: Homicides, Income Inequality and the Heat Hypothesis

Affect Regulation As A Factor in Sex Offenders

The Lives of Female Gang Members: A Review of the Literature

Journal of Interpersonal Violence

The Impact of Sexual Abuse, Family Violence/conflict, Spirituality, and Religion on Anger and Depressed Mood Among Adolescents by Rannveig Sigurvinsdottir, Bryndis Bjork Asgeirsdottir, Sarah E. Ullman, Inga Dora Sigfusdottir

The Role of Adhd in Predicting the Development of Violent Behavior Among Juvenile Offenders: Participation Versus Frequency by Thomas W. Wojciechowski

The Association Between Intimate Partner Violence and Distance Traveled to Access Abortion in A Nationally Representative Sample of Abortion Patients by Gretchen Ely, Nadine Murshid

Criminal Protection Orders For Women Victims of Domestic Violence: Explicating Predictors of Level of Restrictions Among Orders Issued by Tami P. Sullivan, Nicole H. Weiss, Carolina Price, Nicole E. Pugh

British Journal of Criminology

Leveson Five Years On: the Effect of the Leveson and Filkin Reports on Relations Between the Metropolitan Police and the National News Media

Sexual Activity in British Men’s Prisons: A Culture of Denial

The Gendered Pains of Life Imprisonment

In Praise of Forgetting: Historical Memory and Its Ironies. By David Rieff (yale University Press, 2016, $25.00/yale University Press, £14.99, 160pp.)

The Assassination Complex: Inside the Us Government’s Secret Drone Warfare Programme. By Jeremy Scahill and the Staff of the Intercept (serpent’s Tail, 2016, 234 Pp. £8.99)

Wrongful Allegations of Sexual and Child Abuse. By Ros Burnett (oxford University Press, 2016, 304pp. £75.00)

Windows Into the Soul: Surveillance and Society in An Age of High Technology. By Gary T. Marx. Chicago: the University of Chicago Press, 2016, Xxii + 404 Pp.

Journal of Criminal Justice

Child Abuse, Self-Control, and Delinquency: A General Strain Perspective

Justice Quarterly

Inmates’ Experiences With Prison Visitation by Jillian J. Turanovic, Melinda Tasca

Officer Race, Role Orientations, and Cynicism Toward Citizens by Jacinta M. Gau, Eugene A. Paoline

Crime and Delinquency

Incidence and Cumulative Incidence As Supplemental Measures of the Scale of Imprisonment by William Rhodes, Gerald G. Gaes, Jeremy Luallen, Ryan Kling, Tom Rich, Christopher Cutler

Trauma, Violence and Abuse

Reappraising and Redirecting Research on the Victim–offender Overlap by Mark T. Berg, Carrie F. Mulford

International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology

Use of the Social Problem Solving Inventory–revised With Forensic Populations: A Psychometric Critique by Sarah L. Bothamley, Ruth J. Tully

Can We Hasten Development? Effects of Treatment on Psychosocial Maturity by Christina L. Riggs Romaine, Kathleen Kemp, Christy L. Giallella, Naomi E. S. Goldstein, Jennifer Serico, Sharon Kelley

Examining Employment Outcomes of Offender and Nonoffender Vocational Program Graduates by Dana L. Formon, Adam T. Schmidt, Craig Henderson

Theoretical Criminology

Inclusionary Control? Theorizing the Effects of Penal Voluntary Organizations’ Work by Philippa Tomczak, David Thompson

Constraints on the Growth of Private Policing: A Comparative International Analysis by Anne-Marie Singh, Matthew Light

The Punishment Marketplace: Competing For Capitalized Power in Locally Controlled Immigration Enforcement by Daniel L Stageman

European Journal of Criminology

Company Culture and Prevention of Corruption in Germany, China and Russia by Kai D Bussmann, Anja Niemeczek, Marcel Vockrodt

Public Scholarship and the Evidence Movement: Understanding and Learning From Belgian Drug Policy Development by Julie Tieberghien, Mark Monaghan

Psychology, Crime and Law

The Dynamic Risk Outcome Scales (dros) For People With Mild to Borderline Intellectual Disability: Content, Factorial Structure, Reliability, and Sensitivity by Klaus H. Drieschner

Improving the Effectiveness of the Henderson Instruction Safeguard Against Unreliable Eyewitness Identification by Angela M. Jones, Steven Penrod

Qualitative Analysis of Qualitative Evaluation: An Exploratory Examination of Investigative Interviewers’ Reflections on Their Performance by Andrew Griffiths, David Walsh

Criminal Defense and Judicial Sentencing in China's Death Penalty Cases by Moulin Xiong, Siyu Liu, Bin Liang

Violence and Victims

Does Cyberbullying Prevalence Among Adolescents Relate With Country Socioeconomic and Development Indicators? An Ecological Study of 31 Countries by Soares, Sara, Brochado, Sandra, Barros, Henrique, Fraga, Sílvia

Unique Associations Among Emotion Dysregulation Dimensions and Aggressive Tendencies: A Multisite Study by Velotti, Patrizia, Casselman, Robert B., Garofalo, Carlo, McKenzie, Melissa D.

Coercive Control and the Stay–leave Decision: the Role of Latent Tactics Among A Sample of Abused Pregnant Women by Alves, Martha, Graham-Bermann, Sandra, Hunter, Erin, Miller-Graff, Laura E., Schomer, Sarah M.

Social Norms For Intimate Partner Violence: A Replication With College Students by Witte, Tricia H., Hackman, Christine L., Mulla, Mazheruddin M.

Psychosocial Maladjustment At Student and Classroom Level As Indicators of Peer Victimization by Söderberg, Patrik, Korhonen, Johan, Björkqvist, Kaj

Language Barrier As A Risk Factor For Injuries From Patient Violence Among Direct Care Workers in Home Settings: Findings From A U.s. National Sample by Byon, Ha Do, Zhu, Shijun, Unick, George J., Storr, Carla L., Lipscomb, Jane

Roadway Aggression Among Drivers and Passengers With Or Without A History of Traumatic Brain Injury by Ilie, Gabriela, Wickens, Christine M., Mann, Robert E., Ialomiteanu, Anca, Adlaf, Edward M., Hamilton, Hayley, Asbridge, Mark, Rehm, Jürgen, Cusimano, Michael D.

Teen Dating Violence: Predicting Physical and Sexual Violence and Mental Health Symptoms Among Heterosexual Adolescent Males by Fawson, Peter R., Jones, Timothy, Younce, Bobby

A Mixed Method Study of Intimate Partner Violence: How Sex and Severity Impact Perpetrator Prior Involvement, Abnormality, and Responsibility by Savage, Matthew W., Scarduzio, Jennifer A., Harris, Kate Lockwood, Carlyle, Kellie E.

Tweets, Gangs, and Guns: A Snapshot of Gang Communications in Detroit by Patton, Desmond U., Patel, Sadiq, Hong, Jun Sung, Ranney, Megan L., Crandall, Marie, Dungy, Lyle

Men's Sexual Coerciveness, Perceptions of Women's Attachment, and Dating Preferences by Holmgreen, Lucie, Oswald, Debra L.

Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health

The Role of Identity in Committing Acts of Violent Extremism – and in Desisting From Them by Christopher Dean

Cognitive Self Change: How Offenders Experience the World and What We Can Do About It. Jack Bush, Daryl M. Harris and Richard J. Parker (2016) John Wiley: W Sussex UK by Jackie Craissati

Extended Suicide by John C. Gunn

Why Run the Risk? Motivation For Offences By Patients With Substance Use and Antisocial Personality Disorders Which They Rated As Most Risky to Their Own Well-Being by Birgitte Thylstrup, Morten Hesse

Journal of Experimental Criminology

The Effect of Digital Technology on Prisoner Behavior and Reoffending: A Natural Stepped-Wedge Design

Studies in Conflict and Terrorism

It Comes With the Territory: Why States Negotiate With Ethno-Political Organizations by Victor Asal, Daniel Gustafson, Peter Krause

Terrorism and Political Violence

Operation Demetrius and Its Aftermath: A New History of the Use of Internment Without Trial in Northern Ireland 1971–75, By Martin J. McCleery by Reviewed By Tony Craig

The Sayyid Qutb Reader: Selected Writings on Politics, Religion and Society by John C. Zimmerman

Journal of Sexual Aggression

An Exploration of the Treatment Expectations and Experiences of Adolescents Who Have Sexually Abused by Shelley Grady, Joan Cherry, Mary Tallon, Conall Tunney, Gary O’reilly

A Qualitative Analysis of Nonoffending Partners’ Experiences and Perceptions Following A Psychoeducational Group Intervention by Hilary Cahalane, Simon Duff

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Through Education: the Work of Stop It Now! Wales by Kirsty Hudson

American Journal of Criminal Justice

The Contingent Effects of Fatherhood on Offending

Police Practice and Research

Police Officers’ Perceptions of Organizational Justice and Their Trust in the Public by James D. Carr, Sheila Royo Maxwell

The Enforcement of Anti-Human Trafficking Law in South Africa: A Case of An Aircraft Without A Pilot by Paul Oluwatosin Bello, Adewale A. Olutola

Science and Justice

Massively Parallel Sequencing and the Emergence of Forensic Genomics: Defining the Policy and Legal Issues For Law Enforcement

Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice

Understanding Risks: Practitioner’s Perceptions of the Lottery of Mental Healthcare Available For Detainees in Custody

Criminal Justice Review

Book Review: Federal Intervention in American Police Departments by John Jay Hall

Journal of Crime and Justice

What Do Supervision Officers Do? Adult Probation/parole Officer Workloads in A Rural Western State by Adam K. Matz, Timothy B. Conley, Nicole Johanneson

Politics and Historical Imprisonment, 1930–2010 by Ethan Amidon

Contemporary Justice Review

Racial Capitalism and Punishment Philosophy and Practices: What Really Stands in the Way of Prison Abolition by William Calathes

Victims and Offenders

Stalking on the College Campus: the Influence of Suitable Target and Guardianship Variables on Victimization Comparing Male and Female Students by McKenzie Wood, Amy Stichman

Alcohol-Related Rape Among University Students by Katy Holloway, Trevor Bennett

International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice

The Csi-Education Effect: Do Potential Criminals Benefit From Forensic Tv Series?

The National Supervision Commission: A New Anti-Corruption Model in China

Asian Journal of Criminology

How Strong Is Public Support For the Death Penalty in Singapore?

Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology

The Developmental Nature of the Victim-Offender Overlap

Corrections: Policy, Practice and Research

A Measure of Tolerance: Public Attitudes on Sentencing Enhancements For Old and Juvenile Prior Records by Rhys Hester, Julian V. Roberts, Richard S. Frase, Kelly Mitchell

The Evolution of Correctional Program Assessment in the Age of Evidence-Based Practices by Stephanie A. Duriez, Carrie Sullivan, Edward J. Latessa, Lori Brusman Lovins

Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention

Punishment Justifications in Rape Cases: A Community Study by Henriette Bergstrøm, Pål Evjetun, Mons Bendixen

Open Drug Scenes and Police Strategies in Oslo, Norway by Hilgunn Olsen

Cybercrime Investigation in Finland by Anna Leppänen, Terhi Kankaanranta

Criminal Justice Ethics

Comparing the Laws of Privacy by Marc Jonathan Blitz

Should Law Track Morality? by Re’em Segev


Punitive Restoration and Restorative Justice by Thom Brooks

Contractualism and the Death Penalty by Hon-Lam Li

Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence

Child and Adolescent Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Mexico: the Exploiters and the State

"No Other Choice": A Baseline Study on the Vulnerabilities of Males in the Sex Trade in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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