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Child Abuse and Neglect

Screening For Potential Child Maltreatment in Parents of A Newborn Baby: the Predictive Validity of An Instrument For Early Identification of Parents At Risk For Child Abuse and Neglect (iparan)

The Crucial Role of the Micro Caregiving Environment: Factors Associated With Attachment Styles in Alternative Care in Chile

Attachment Representations and Socio-Emotional Difficulties in Alternative Care: A Comparison Between Residential, Foster and Family Based Children in Chile

Improving Outcomes For Babies and Toddlers in Child Welfare: A Model For Infant Mental Health Intervention and Collaboration

Preschoolers’ Disclosures of Child Sexual Abuse: Examining Corroborated Cases From Swedish Courts

Aggression and Violent Behavior

Parenting in A Digital Age: A Review of Parents' Role in Preventing Adolescent Cyberbullying

Victimization in Light of Self-Compassion: Development Towards Communal Compassion

Sexual Minorities in Conflict Zones: A Review of the Literature

Examining Offender, Victim and Offence Characteristics in Cases of Stranger Child Abduction: An Exploratory Comparison of Attempted and Completed Cases Using Publicly Available Data From the UK

Journal of Criminal Justice

Negative Emotionality and Aggression in Violent Offenders: the Moderating Role of Emotion Dysregulation

Latent Profile Analysis of Psychopathic Traits Among Homicide, General Violent, Property, and White-Collar Offenders

Third-Person Perceptions, Hostile Media Effects, and Policing: Developing A Theoretical Framework For Assessing the Ferguson Effect

Race/ethnicity and Criminal Behavior: Neurohormonal Influences

Life History As the Appropriate Meta-Theory For Evaluating Group-Differences in Psychopathic Personality: A Comment on Lynn (2017)

Heart Rate, Serotonin Transporter Linked Polymorphic Region (5-Httlpr) Genotype, and Violence in An Incarcerated Sample

Giving the Devil His Due: Why Freedom of Inquiry in Science and Politics Is Inviolable

The Effect of Minority Threat on Risk Management and the “New Disciplinology” in Schools

Justice Quarterly

Military Justice: Case Processing and Sentencing Decisions in America’s “Other” Criminal Courts by Patricia D. Breen, Brian D. Johnson

Opting Out: the Role of Identity, Capital, and Agency in Prison Visitation by Breanne Pleggenkuhle, Beth M. Huebner, Monica Summers

Journal of School Violence

Implementation of Antibullying Legislation in Iowa Schools: A Qualitative Examination of School Administrators’ Perceived Barriers and Facilitators by Rebecca A. Bruening, Rosaura E. Orengo-Aguayo, Angela Onwuachi-Willig, Marizen Ramirez

Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice

How Arrest Impacts Delinquency Over Time Between and Within Individuals

Sibling Delinquency As A Risk Factor For Future Offending

Studies in Conflict and Terrorism

A Homegrown Terrorist Cell: Observations of A Police Undercover Operative by Gaetano Joe Ilardi

Policing and Society

A Fear of Coercion and Accountability? Security Officers and the Non-Use of Force by Yarin Eski

Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice

Police Culture: Histories, Orthodoxies, and New Horizons

Do Identities Matter?

European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research

Construction of the Problem of Latin Gangs in Spain and Response of the Law Enforcement System

Are Juvenile Criminal Justice Statistics Comparable Across Countries? A Study of the Data Available in 45 European Nations

Critical Criminology

Dissent, Litigation, and Investigation: Hitting the Powerful Where It Hurts

Journal of Crime and Justice

Exploring Intergenerational Continuity in Gang Membership by Megan Bears Augustyn, Jeffrey T. Ward, Marvin D. Krohn

Differentiating Between Delinquent Groups and Gangs: Moving Beyond Offending Consequences by Dena C. Carson, Stephanie A. Wiley, Finn-Aage Esbensen

Trends in Organized Crime

Russia’s Night Wolves Motorcycle Club: From 1%ers to Political Activists

Critical Studies on Terrorism

“The Terrorist”: the Out-of-Place and On-the-Move “Perverse Homosexual” in International Relations by Cynthia Weber



Transitional Justice in Settled Democracies: Northern Ireland and the Basque Country in Comparative Perspective by Amaia Alvarez Berastegi

International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice

Penological Developments in Contemporary China: Populist Punitiveness Vs. Penal Professionalism

International Journal of Speech Language and the Law

Translating the Social World For Law: Linguistic Tools For A New Legal Realism Elizabeth Mertz, William K. Ford and Gregory Matoesian, Eds (2016) Oxford University Press 312pp by Margaret van Naerssen

Language and Law: A Resource Book For Students Alan Durant and Janny H. C. Leung (2016) Routledge Xvi +241 Pp by Chuanyou Yuan

Strength of Forensic Text Comparison Evidence From Stylometric Features: A Multivariate Likelihood Ratio-Based Analysis by Shunichi Ishihara

Effect of Covert Recordings From Vehicles on the Performance of Forensic Automatic Speaker Recognition by Hermann J. Künzel

Jury Instructions: Comparing Hearing and Deaf Jurors’ Comprehension Via Direct Or Mediated Communication by Jemina Napier, David Spencer

Register Variation in Malicious Forensic Texts by Andrea Nini

Power, Solidarity and Tag Questions in Crisis Negotiations by Gabriela Beyatriz Rubin

The Speaker Identification Ability of Blind and Sighted Listeners: An Empirical Investigation by Almut Braun

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