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Child Abuse and Neglect

“Body Self” in the Shadow of Childhood Sexual Abuse: the Long-Term Implications of Sexual Abuse For Male and Female Adult Survivors

Predictors of Justice System Involvement: Maltreatment and Education

School Readiness of Maltreated Children: Associations of Timing, Type, and Chronicity of Maltreatment

A Systematic Review of the State of the Literature on Sexually Exploited Boys Internationally

Psychosocial Resilience and Vulnerability in Western Australian Aboriginal Youth

Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in Brazilian Child Abuse Victims: A Comparative Study

Severe Interpersonal Violence Against Children in Sport: Associated Mental Health Problems and Quality of Life in Adulthood

Supporting Resilience in War-Affected Children: How Differential Impact Theory Is Useful in Humanitarian Practice

What Doesn’t Kill Them Doesn’t Make Them Stronger: Questioning Our Current Notions of Resilience


The Role of Turning Points in Establishing Baseline Differences Between People in Developmental and Life-Course Criminology by John H. Boman, Thomas J. Mowen

Aggression and Violent Behavior

Socio-Cultural Risk Factors Impacting Domestic Violence Among South Asian Immigrant Women: A Scoping Review

Foreshadowing Targeted Violence: Assessing Leakage of Intent By Public Mass Murderers

Journal of Interpersonal Violence

The Differential Influence of Drinking, Sensation Seeking, and Impulsivity on the Perpetration of Unwanted Sexual Advances and Sexual Coercion by Emily R. Wilhite, Kim Fromme

Coercive Control in Intimate Relationships: Differences Across Age and Sex by Christina Policastro, Mary A. Finn

Crossing the Threshold From Porn Use to Porn Problem: Frequency and Modality of Porn Use As Predictors of Sexually Coercive Behaviors by Ethan A. Marshall, Holly A. Miller, Jeff A. Bouffard

Women’s Experiences of Social Reactions From Informal and Formal Supports: Using A Modified Administration of the Social Reactions Questionnaire by Anne P. Deprince, Julia Dmitrieva, Kerry L. Gagnon, Tejaswinhi Srinivas

Experiences of Elder Mistreatment: A Latent Profile Analysis by Srinivasan Chokkanathan

When A Wife Says “No”: Wife Sexual Refusal As A Factor in Husband–wife Homicides in Ghana by Mensah Adinkrah

Social and Contextual Influences on Mental Health Following An Episode of Mass Violence by Erika D. Felix, Stephanie A. Moore, Haley Meskunas, Antoniya Terzieva

Implementing A New Tool to Predict the Risk of Intimate Partner Violence in Rural China by Fengsu Hou, Catherine Cerulli, Hugh F. Crean, Marsha N. Wittink, Eric D. Caine, Ko Ling Chan, Peiyuan Qiu

Traumatic Events Exposure and Psychological Trauma in Children Victims of War in the Gaza Strip by Antonio L. Manzanero, María Crespo, Susana Barón, Teresa Scott, Sofián El-Astal, Fairouz Hemaid

Applying Structural Equation Modeling to Measure Violence Exposure and Its Impact on Mental Health: Malawi Violence Against Children and Young Women Survey, 2013 by Amy Z. Fan, Jin Liu, Howard Kress, Sundeep Gupta, Mary Shawa, Nellie Wadonda-Kabondo, James Mercy

Intimate Partner Violence Among Low-Income Fathers: Testing A Stress-Coping Model by Derrick M. Gordon, Kelly E. Moore, Wilson Vincent, Derek K. Iwamoto, Christina Campbell, Bronwyn A. Hunter, Nadia L. Ward, Samuel W. Hawes, Tashuna Albritton, Horace McCaulley, Dianna Ditunno, Anthony Judkins

Men’s Reflections on Their Experiences of Gender-Based Violence by Ada L. Sinacore, Samir Durrani, Sarah Khayutin

Abuse of Older Persons With Cognitive and Physical Impairments: Comparing Percentages Across Informants and Operational Definitions by Boye Fang, Elsie Yan

Seeking Help From Police For Intimate Partner Violence: Applying A Relationship Phase Framework to the Exploration of Victims’ Evolving Needs by Kim M. Shearson

Leaving and Beyond: Voices of Survivors of Domestic Violence From Kyrgyzstan by Saltanat Childress, Subadra Panchanadeswaran, Manisha Joshi

Conducting Anonymous, Incentivized, Online Surveys With Sexual and Gender Minority Adolescents: Lessons Learned From A National Polyvictimization Study by Paul R. Sterzing, Rachel E. Gartner, Briana L. McGeough

Undergraduate Men’s Self-Reports of Sexual Assault and Perceptions of College Campus Acquaintance Rape by M. Colleen McDaniel, Dario N. Rodriguez

A Study of the Impact of Screening For Poly-Victimization in Juvenile Justice: the Rocky Road to A Successful Investigation in the Real World by Julian D. Ford, Keith R. Cruise, Damion J. Grasso, Evan Holloway

Improving Formal Support After Sexual Assault: Recommendations From Survivors Living in Poverty in Canada by Victoria Sit, Lana Stermac

Preferences and Ratings of Partner Traits in Female Survivors of Childhood Abuse With Ptsd and Healthy Controls by Klara A. Lieberz, Meike Müller-Engelmann, Kathlen Priebe, Franziska Friedmann, Nora Görg, Julia Isabell Herzog, Regina Steil

Poly-Victimization and Coping Profiles: Relationship With Externalizing Symptoms in Adolescents by Cristóbal Guerra, Noemí Pereda, Georgina Guilera

Spousal Coping Strategies in the Shadow of Terrorism by Mally Shechory-Bitton, Keren Cohen-Louck

The Association Among Parental Bonding, Depression, Social Aggression, and Criminal Assault: Are There Gender Differences Between Male and Female Youth Offenders? by John Tisak, Marie S. Tisak, Erin R. Baker, Kelly E. Amrhein, Cjersti Jensen

Improving Emotional and Cognitive Outcomes For Domestic Violence Survivors: the Impact of Shelter Stay and Self-Compassion Support Groups by Ashley Batts Allen, Emily Robertson, Gail A. Patin

Sensitivity of Sexual Victimization Estimates to Definitional and Measurement Decisions by Christopher Krebs, Christine Lindquist, Michael Planty, Lynn Langton, Marcus E. Berzofsky, Nakisa Asefnia, Ashley Griggs, Bonnie Shook-Sa, Kimberly Enders

Cyberbullying Among Adolescents: the Influence of Different Modes of Inquiry by Sandra Brochado, Sílvia Fraga, Sara Soares, Elisabete Ramos, Henrique Barros

The Views of Ex-Police Officers on Child Abuse Case Attrition in the United Kingdom by Sarah J. Krahenbuhl  , Helen R. Dent

Client Violence Against Youth Care Workers: Findings of An Exploratory Study of Workforce Issues in Residential Treatment by Yvonne Smith, Lex Colletta, Anna E. Bender

Is There A Cumulative Association Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Intimate Partner Violence in Emerging Adulthood? by Valentina Nikulina, Melissa Gelin, Amanda Zwilling

“Don’t Ever Give Up!” Resisting Victimhood Through Self-Defense by Jan Jordan, Elaine Mossman

Disclosing Sex Trading Histories to Providers: Barriers and Facilitators to Navigation of Social Services Among Women Impacted By Commercial Sexual Exploitation by Lara Gerassi, Tonya E. Edmond, Vanessa Fabbre, Abby Howard, Andrea J. Nichols

Gender-Specific Risk Factors For Psychopathology and Reduced Functioning in A Post-9/11 Veteran Sample by Arielle A. J. Scoglio, Steven D. Shirk, Rani A. Hoff, Marc N. Potenza, Carolyn M. Mazure, Crystal L. Park, Sherry A. McKee, Elizabeth A. Porter, Shane W. Kraus

Theorizing the Process of Leaving A Violent Marriage and Getting A Divorce in Tehran by Fatemeh Nikparvar, Sandra Stith, Karen Myers-Bowman, Mojgan Akbarzadeh, Manijeh Daneshpour

Moderating Effects of Resilience on Depression, Psychological Distress, and Suicidal Ideation Associated With Interpersonal Violence by Lisa Fedina, Boyoung Nam, Hyun-Jin Jun, Roma Shah, Tara von Mach, Charlotte L. Bright, Jordan Devylder

Risk and Protective Factors of Child-to-Parent Violence: A Comparison Between Physical and Verbal Aggression by Laura Beckmann, Marie Christine Bergmann, Franziska Fischer, Thomas Mößle

Criminal Justice and Behaviour

High-Risk Violent Prisoners’ Patterns of Change on Parole on the Draor’s Dynamic Risk and Protective Factors by Devon L. L. Polaschek, Julia A. Yesberg

Psychometric Examination of Treatment Change Among Mentally Disordered Offenders: A Risk–needs Analysis by Drew A. Kingston, Mark E. Olver

Using the Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment Protocol–revised to Assess Psychopathy: A Preliminary Investigation by Charity Wijetunga, Alicia Nijdam-Jones, Barry Rosenfeld, Ricardo Martinez, Keith R. Cruise

Journal of Criminal Justice

Same Feathers, Different Flocks: Breaking Down the Meaning of ‘behavioral Homophily’ in the Etiology of Crime

Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency

Disputatiousness and the Offender–victim Overlap by Richard B. Felson, Mark T. Berg, Ethan M. Rogers, Andrew Krajewski

Crime and Delinquency

“If Torture Is Wrong, What About 24?” Torture and the Hollywood Effect by Erin M. Kearns, Joseph K. Young

Deploying Street Outreach Workers to Reduce Failure to Appear in Juvenile Court For Youth of Color: A Randomized Study by Sarah Cusworth Walker, Asia Sarah Bishop, Jovi Catena, Elizabeth Haumann

The Ecological Structuring of Police Officers’ Perceptions of Citizen Cooperation by John A. Shjarback, Justin Nix, Scott E. Wolfe

Journal of Quantitative Criminology

Correction To: the Effect of Removing Sentencing Credits on Inmate Misbehavior

Trauma, Violence and Abuse

Violence Against International Students: A Critical Gap in the Literature by Emily J. Bonistall Postel

Obscure Dichotomy of Early Childhood Trauma in Ptsd Versus Attachment Disorders by Christy Owen

Male Ipv Perpetrator’s Perspectives on Intervention and Change: A Systematic Synthesis of Qualitative Studies by Tony McGinn, Mary McColgan, Brian Taylor

Parental Migration, Children’s Safety and Psychological Adjustment in Rural China: A Meta-Analysis by Mengtong Chen, Xiaoyue Sun, Qiqi Chen, Ko Ling Chan

Interventions in Health Settings For Male Perpetrators Or Victims of Intimate Partner Violence by Laura Tarzia, Kirsty Forsdike, Gene Feder, Kelsey Hegarty

International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology

An Evaluation of Talent 4 . . . : A Programme to Identify Talent and Skills For Prisoners, Disadvantaged, Unemployed, and Vulnerable Groups by Rebecca McGuire-Snieckus, Laura Caulfield

The Efficacy of Naikan Therapy on Male Offenders: Changes in Perceived Social Support and Externalized Blame by Xinfang Ding, Zhongzhao Liu, Guangjian Cao, Shiwei Wei, Zipeng Qiu, Kelai Wang, Xiaodi Guo, Zhigang Di, Peng Ren, Haoqian Fucha

Male Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence: A Comparison Between Incarcerated and Community Offenders by Olga Cunha, Rui Abrunhosa Gonçalves

Hostile Attribution Bias As A Mediator of the Relationships of Psychopathy and Narcissism With Aggression by Helen Law, Diana M. Falkenbach

Parolee–parole Officer Rapport: Does It Impact Recidivism? by Alyssa W. Chamberlain, Matthew Gricius, Danielle M. Wallace, Diana Borjas, Vincent M. Ware

Intelligence Assessment Instruments in Adult Prison Populations: A Systematic Review by A. Y. M. van Esch, A. D. Denzel, E. J. A. Scherder, E. D. M. Masthoff

Putting Out Fires: Understanding the Developmental Nature and Roles of Inmate Gangs in the Philippine Overcrowded Jails by Raymund E. Narag, Sou Lee

Sexual Homicides in China: Exploring the Offender, Victim, and Offense Characteristics by Heng Choon (oliver) Chan, Feng Li, Sihai Liu, Xuesong Lu, Haipeng Jia

It Is Written in Your Eyes: Hostile Attributions and Self-Directed Gaze Perception in Incarcerated Violent Adolescent Male Offenders by Zhana M. Karadenizova, Klaus-Peter Dahle

Sexual Abuse: Journal of Research and Treatment

The Intensity and Timing of Sex Offender Treatment by Andrew Day, Stuart Ross, Sharon Casey, James Vess, Diana Johns, Gaynor Hobbs

Theoretical Criminology

Book Review: Amada Armenta, Protect, Serve, Deport: the Rise of Policing As Immigration Enforcement by Greg Prieto

Book Review: Victor M Rios, Human Targets: Schools, Police and the Criminalization of Latino Youth by Jerry Flores

Regulating Private Sector Security Provision For Victims of Domestic Violence by Diarmaid Harkin

Book Review: Gendered Harm and Structural Violence in the British Asylum System by Amanda Schmid-Scott

Book Review: T Linnemann, Meth Wars: Police, Media, Power by Tammy Ayres

European Journal of Criminology

Computer-Assisted Versus Paper-and-Pencil Self-Report Delinquency Surveys: Results of An Experimental Study by Dirk Baier

Psychology, Crime and Law

List of Reviewers

Self-Regulation and Aggressive Antisocial Behaviour: Insights From Amygdala-Prefrontal and Heart-Brain Interactions by Steven M. Gillespie, Artur Brzozowski, Ian J. Mitchell

The Psychology of Animal Cruelty: An Introduction to the Special Issue by Emma Alleyne, Bill Henry

The Neuroscience of Morality and Social Decision-Making by Keith J. Yoder, Jean Decety

Violence and Victims

Intimate Terrorism and Situational Couple Violence: Classification Variability Across Five Methods to Distinguish Johnson's Violent Relationship Types by Eckstein, Jessica J.

The Difference Between Living and Dying: Victim Characteristics and Motive Among Nonfatal Shootings and Gun Homicides by Hipple, Natalie Kroovand, Magee, Lauren A.

Psychometric Properties of the Lifetime Assessment of Violent Acts by King, Alan R., Russell, Tiffany D., Bailly, Matthew D.

Random Acts of Violence? Examining Probabilistic Independence of the Temporal Distribution of Mass Killing Events in the United States by King, Douglas M., Jacobson, Sheldon H.

Predicting Grief Reactions One Year Following A Mass University Shooting: Evaluating Dose-Response and Contextual Predictors by Smith, Andrew J., Layne, Christopher M., Coyle, Patrick, Kaplow, Julie B., Brymer, Melissa J., Pynoos, Robert S., Jones, Russell T.

Investigating the Risk of Date Rape By Auditory Status by Williams, Laverne McQuiller, Porter, Judy L., Scott, Jason D., Smith, Tony R., Vogt, Taylor V.

Family Matters: Examining Child Abuse and Neglect As Family Dysfunction For Minority Youth Living in Extreme Poverty by Spano, Richard, David, Michael A., Jeffries, Sara R., Bolland, John M.

The Role of Entitlement, Self-Control, and Risk Behaviors on Dating Violence Perpetration by Tyler, Kimberly A., Schmitz, Rachel M., Ray, Colleen M., Simons, Leslie Gordon

A Short Measure of Social Reactions to Sexual Assault: the Social Reactions Questionnaire-Shortened by Ullman, Sarah E., Relyea, Mark, Sigurvinsdottir, Rannveig, Bennett, Sidney

Exposure to Community Violence Among Low-Income African American Youth in Chicago: A Latent Class Analysis by Voisin, Dexter R., Kim, Dong Ha, Michalopoulos, Lynn, Patel, Sadiq

Intimate Partner Violence Victimization and Cognitive Function in A Mixed-Sex Epidemiological Sample of Urban Adults by Williams, Megan R., Murphy, Christopher M., Dore, Gregory A., Evans, Michele K., Zonderman, Alan B.

Journal of Experimental Criminology

The Impact of Residential Change and Housing Stability on Recidivism: Pilot Results From the Maryland Opportunities Through Vouchers Experiment (move)

The Usefulness of A Crime Harm Index: Analyzing the Sacramento Hot Spot Experiment Using the California Crime Harm Index (ca-Chi)

Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma

Sexual Abuse and the Sexual Offender: Common Man Or Monster? By Barry Maletzky (2016). London, Uk: Karnac, 231 Pages, $42.95 by Amanda Hoffman

Workplace Volence Toward Hospital Staff and Volunteers: A Survey of An Italian Sample by Daniela Acquadro Maran, Antonella Varetto, Massimo Zedda, Nicola Magnavita

Interpersonal Features in Complex Trauma Etiology, Consequences, and Treatment: A Literature Review by Kimberly van Nieuwenhove, Reitske Meganck

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Keeping Up, and Keeping On: Risk, Acceleration and the Law-Abiding Driving Offender by Helen Wells, Leanne Savigar

Receiving An on the Spot Penalty: A Tale of Morality, Common Sense and Law-Abidance by Adam Snow

The Politics of Injustice: Sex-Working Women, Feminism and Criminalizing Sex Purchase in Ireland by Kathryn McGarry, Sharron A Fitzgerald

‘just A Wee Boy Not Cut Out For Prison’: Policy and Reality in Children and Young People’s Journeys Through Justice in Scotland by Deborah Nolan, Fiona Dyer, Nina Vaswani

‘kidulthood’: Ethnography, Juvenile Prison Violence and the Transition From ‘boys’ to ‘men’ by Kate Gooch

A Propensity Score Analysis of A Community Resettlement Programme For Women Prisoners by Alex Sutherland

Non-Custodial Deaths: Missing, Ignored Or Unimportant? by Jake Phillips, Loraine Gelsthorpe, Nicola Padfield

Hidden Voices: Practitioner Perspectives on the Early Histories of Probation in Ireland by Deirdre Healy, Louise Kennefick

Coercive Control: to Criminalize Or Not to Criminalize? by Julia R Tolmie

Terrorism and Political Violence

Conflict and Peace in Central Eurasia: Towards Explanations and Understanding, By Babak Rezvani by Dmitry Shlapentokh

The Spread of Islamikaze Terrorism in Europe: the Third Islamic Invasion, By Raphael Israeli by John C. Zimmerman

Media Lies and the Conquest of Kosovo: Nato’s Prototype For the Next Wars of Globalization, By Michel Collon by Alicja Stańco-Wawrzyńska

The Sayyid Qutb Reader: Selected Writings on Politics, Religion and Society, By Albert J. Bergesen, Ed. by John C. Zimmerman

Studies in Conflict and Terrorism

Waves of the Black Banner: An Exploratory Study on the Dutch Jihadist Foreign Fighter Contingent in Syria and Iraq by Reinier Bergema, Marion van San

Leaderless Resistance and the Truly Leaderless: A Case Study Test of the Literature-Based Findings by Matthew M. Sweeney

Transitional Journeys Into and Out of Extremism. A Biographical Approach by Stijn Sieckelinck, Elga Sikkens, Marion van San, Sita Kotnis, Micha de Winter

Prison Journal

Imprisonment and Human Rights in Latin America: An Introduction by Francisco Javier de Leon Villalba

Correlates of Organizational Commitment Among Community Correctional Officers in China by Shanhe Jiang, Eric G. Lambert, Xiaohong Jin, Deping Xiang, Mengfei Shi, Dawei Zhang

A Toolkit For Enhancing End-of-Life Care: An Examination of Implementation and Impact by Susan J. Loeb, Rachel K. Wion, Janice Penrod, Gwen McGhan, Erin Kitt-Lewis, Christopher S. Hollenbeak

Social Media Usage and Incarcerated Women: A Pilot Study by Julie Perkins, April Rand, Allison Sheaffer

Food in Captivity: Experiences of Women in Indian Prisons by Debolina Chatterjee, Suhita Chopra Chatterjee

Punishment and Society

Jane Scoular, the Subject of Prostitution: Sex Work, Law and Social Theory by May-Len Skilbrei

Reimagining the Sociology of Punishment Through the Global-South: Postcolonial Social Control and Modernization Discontents by David S Fonseca

Good Governance, Political Experiences, and Public Support For Mandatory Sentencing: Evidence From A Progressive Us State by Jody Sundt, Kathryn Schwaeble, Cullen C Merritt

Crime, Law and Social Change

The Regime That Fatf Built: An Introduction to the Financial Action Task Force

Can the Aml System Be Evaluated Without Better Data?

What’s Wrong With Corruption? Messages From Confessions in China

The Role of Oversight in Foreign-National Only Prisons: Counteracting the Disapplication of Rehabilitation

From Global Problems to International Norms: What Does the Social Construction of A Global Corruption Problem Tell Us About the Emergence of An International Anti-Corruption Norm

A Hard-to- Escape Situation Informal Pacts, Kingpin Strategies, and Collective Violence in Mexico

Journey to Italy: the European and Un Monitoring of Italian Penal and Prison Policies

Protecting Charities From Terrorists … and Counterterrorists: Fatf and the Global Effort to Prevent Terrorist Financing Through the Non-Profit Sector

Social Capital and Online Hate Production: A Four Country Survey

Feminist Criminology

The “Normal” Woman Who Kills: Representations of Women’s Intimate Partner Homicide by Holly Pelvin

The Differential Representation of Latina and Black Female Victims in Front-Page News Stories: A Qualitative Document Analysis by Danielle C. Slakoff, Pauline K. Brennan

Journal of Criminal Justice Education

The Color of Justice: Race, Ethnicity, and Crime in America by Nicolas Brooklier

Criminal Justice Policy Review

Public Opinion and Public Policy: Heroin and Other Opioids by Amy Kyle Cook, Henry H. Brownstein

Right to Counsel in Misdemeanor Prosecutions After Alabama V. Shelton: No-Lawyer-Courts and Their Consequences on the Poor and Communities of Color in St. Louis by Thomas B. Harvey, Jared H. Rosenfeld, Shannon Tomascak

Deviant Behavior

Offending and Victimization in the Digital Age: Comparing Correlates of Cybercrime and Traditional Offending-Only, Victimization-Only and the Victimization-Offending Overlap by Marleen Weulen Kranenbarg, Thomas J. Holt, Jean-Louis van Gelder

The Bullying-School Shooting Nexus: Bridging Master Narratives of Mass Violence With Personal Narratives of Social Exclusion by Jenni Raitanen, Sveinung Sandberg, Atte Oksanen

Family, School, and Peer Influences on Alcohol Abstinence and Use Among American Indian and White Female Adolescents by Viviana Andreescu

“Violent Propensity, Strain, and Violent Intentions: A Test of Agnew’s Revised Conditioning Hypothesis” by Dale Willits

Parental Social Bonds and Adolescents’ Convictions by Alva Albæk Nielsen

Whistle-Blowing From the Perspective of General Strain Theory by Ralf Kölbel, Nico Herold

Of Monsters and Men: Exploring Serial Murderers’ Discourses of Neutralization by Veronyka James, Jennifer Gossett

International Review of Victimology

The Invisible, the Alien and the Marginal: Social and Cultural Constructions of Male Rape in Voluntary Agencies by Aliraza Javaid

More Than Support to Court: Rape Victims and Specialist Sexual Violence Services by Marianne Hester, Sarah-Jane Lilley

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology

Leaving Violent Men: A Study of Women’s Experiences of Separation in Victoria, Australia by Crystal Bruton, Danielle Tyson

The Globalization of American Criminal Justice: the New Zealand Case by Liam Martin

Police Practice and Research

The International Trafficking of Human Organs by Janet P. Stamatel

Police Integrity Management in Australia: Global Lessons For Combatting Police Misconduct by Yvon Dandurand

American Journal of Criminal Justice

Kentuckian’s Attitudes on Capital Punishment, 1989–2016

Monetary Penalties and Noncompliance With Environmental Laws: A Mediation Analysis

Journal of Offender Rehabilitation

Does Psychopathy Differentially Predict Treatment-Seeking During Incarceration Versus Postrelease? by Shannon W. Schrader, June P. Tangney, Jeffrey B. Stuewig

The Effects of the Timing and Dosage of Correctional Programming on Recidivism by Grant Duwe

The Role of Trauma in Deterrence Strategy Engagement by Sandy Gibson, Jillian Lombardozzi

Global Crime

Improving State Legitimacy? the Role of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States by Sergio Marco Gemperle

Social and Legal Studies

Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada: Reconstructing ‘belonging’ and Remaking ‘citizenship’ by Ethel Tungohan

Relived Vulnerabilities of Palestinian Refugees: Governing Through Exclusion by Maissaa Almustafa

Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology

Dispositional Mindfulness Moderates the Relationship Between Occupational Stressors and Perceived Stress Among Law Enforcement Personnel

Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice

The Swedish Police After the 2015 Reform: Emerging Findings and New Challenges

Richard Wortley and Michael Townsley (eds.) (2017). Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis.

Do We Need to Know Each Other? Bridging the Gap Between the University and the Professional Field

Criminal Justice Review

Equal Justice: Examining the Effects of Citizenship, Documentation Status, and Country of Origin on Carceral Punishment Across Federal Districts by Melanie M. Holland

Rethinking Conditional Release As An Assumption-Based Test of Offender Readiness by Christopher M. Campbell

Individual, Behavioral, and Situational Correlates of the Drugging Victimization Experiences of College Women by Tara D. Warner, Christopher T. Allen, Bonnie S. Fisher, Christopher P. Krebs, Sandra Martin, Christine H. Lindquist

The Many Hats of Juvenile Probation Officers: A Latent Class Analysis of Work-Related Activities by Jill Viglione, Danielle Rudes, Vienna Nightingale, Carolyn Watson, Faye Taxman

Security Journal

Explaining the Adoption of Security Measures By Places of Worship: Perceived Risk of Victimization and Organizational Structure

Review of Kelly A. Gates. 2011. Our Biometric Future: Facial Recognition Technology and the Culture of Surveillance . New York: New York University Press. Pp 274, $27.00 Paper, Isbn 9780814732106

Criminal Justice Studies

Using Meta-Analysis Under Conditions of Definitional Ambiguity: the Case of Corporate Crime by M. Rorie, M. Alper, N. Schell-Busey, S. S. Simpson

International Criminal Justice Review

Lethal Violence, Childhood, and Gender in Mexico City by Gustavo Fondevila, Rodrigo Meneses-Reyes

The Chilean Government’s Attempt to Reform and Close Cárcel Ex-Penitenciaría (cdp Santiago Sur): ¿mientras Más Cambian Las Cosas, Más Se Mantienen Igual? by Jeffrey Ian Ross, Bárbara Barraza Uribe

The “Spice” Trade: A Profit Estimation of EU Online Vendors of Herbal Smoking Mixtures by Tim Surmont, Helgi Valur Daníelsson, Brendan Hughes, Roumen Sedefov

Psychiatry, Psychology and Law

The Experiences of Young Complainant Witnesses in Criminal Court Trials For Sexual Offences by Isabel Randell, Fred Seymour, Emily Henderson, Suzanne Blackwell

Critical Studies on Terrorism

English, R. Does Terrorism Work? A History by Harmonie Toros

Peter Joycet, the Policing of Protest, Disorder and International Terrorism in the UK Since 1945 by Jac St John

Tanya Narozhna and W. Andy Knight, Female Suicide Bombings. A Critical Gender Approach by Jessica Davis

Contemporary Justice Review

Don’t Let Them Kill You on Some Dirty Roadway: Survival, Entitled Violence, and the Culture of Modern American Policing by Caitlin G. Lynch

Man Or Monster? the Trial of A Khmer Rouge Torturer by Jared Del Rosso

Constructing A Restorative School District Collaborative by Justine Darling, Gerald Monk

Immature Offenders. A Critical History of the Representations of the Offender in Restorative Justice by Giuseppe Maglione

Victims and Offenders

“The Higher You Fly, the Further You Fall”: White-Collar Criminals, “Special Sensitivity” and the Impact of Conviction in the United Kingdom by Mark Button, David Shepherd, Dean Blackbourn

Asian Journal of Criminology

Systematic Quantitative Literature Review on Criminological Theories in Asia

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice, Reconciliation and Peacebuilding by Carl Stauffer

Conversations on Restorative Justice: A Talk With Gabrielle Maxwell and Paul Howard by Albert Dzur

Recalibrating Victimhood Through Restorative Justice: Perspectives From Europe by Ivo Aertsen

Collapsing the Labels ‘victim’ and ‘offender’ in the Victims’ Directive and the Paradox of Restorative Justice by Theo Gavrielides

What Pollock and Rothko May Have Announced and Restorative Justice May Have to Deal With: Sovereign Victim Culture by Ronnie Lippens

Reshaping Relations to Fit Justice Aims by Susan Sharpe

Recalibrating Victimhood in the European Union and Canada by George Pavlich, Lori Thorlakson

Revisiting the Governing Paradoxes of Restorative Justice: A Comparative Critical Discourse Analysis of the Ibero-American and Belgian Declarations on Juvenile Restorative Justice by Joao Salm, Adriane Marie S. Coelho

The Marginalised Woman: Thinking Beyond Victim/offender in Restorative Justice by Amanda Nelund

Restorative Justice and the Rights of the Accused by George Pavlich

Victims of Violence and Restorative Practices: Finding A Voice by Adepeju O. Solarin

Critica da Pena E da Justica Resturativa: A Censura Para Além da Punição by Tania Nascimento

Reclaiming A Restorative Understanding of the Victim–offender Dichotomy by Annalise Acorn

Restorative Justice For Victims: Inherent Limits? by Gerry Johnstone

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

An Exploratory Study on the Beliefs About Gender-Based Violence Held By Incoming Undergraduates in England by Fenton, Rachel, Jones, Cassandra

A Campus Lgbtq Community's Sexual Violence and Stalking Experiences: the Contribution of Pro-Abuse Peer Support by Hall-Sanchez, Amanda, Dekeseredy, Walter, Nolan, James, Schwartz, Martin

Bystander Intervention From the Victims' Perspective: Experiences, Impacts and Justice Needs of Street Harassment Victims by Fileborn, Bianca

Sexual Harassment of Women Politicians in Japan by Dalton, Emma

Towards Gender Awareness in Couple Therapy and in Treatment of Intimate Partner Violence by Päivinen, Helena, Holma, Juha

Sexual Victimisation of Transgender People in the Netherlands: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Health Consequences by Cense, Marianne, De Haas, Stans, Doorduin, Tamar

Listen to Me: A Reflection on Practice in Qualitative Interviewing by Abrahams, Hilary

The Handmaid's Tale by Williamson, Emma

Justice Research and Policy

Prevalence, Form, and Function of Consolidated Public Safety Departments in the United States by Jeremy M. Wilson, Clifford A. Grammich

State Implementation of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act: A Multidimensional Analysis by Andrew J. Harris, Scott Walfield, Christopher Lobanov-Rostovsky, Michelle A. Cubellis

Police Quarterly

Problem-Oriented Policing in Suburban Low-Income Housing: A Quasi-Experiment by Jennifer V. Carson, Ashley P. Wellman

Corrections: Policy, Practice and Research

The Power of Personal Narratives in Crime Prevention and Reentry: Process Evaluation of the Seattle Police Department’s If Project by Jacqueline B. Helfgott, Elaine Gunnison, Peter Collins, Stephen K. Rice

Research and Analysis publications

Research and Analysis: Review of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 by HM Government

Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology

Editorial Introduction: Happenings, Acts, and Actions: Articulating the Meaning and Implications of Human Agency For Criminology By Ray Paternoster

A Life-Course Developmental Analysis of the Cycle of Violence

Health and Justice

Contributors to Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Incarcerated Youth by Larkin Street McReynolds, Gail Wasserman and Elise Ozbardakci

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