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Child Abuse and Neglect

When Social Support Is Not Enough: Trauma and Ptsd Symptoms in A Risk-Sample of Adolescents

The Adoption of Children From Out-of-Home Care: the Understandings of Key Decision Makers in Victoria, Australia

Research Priority Setting For Integrated Early Child Development and Violence Prevention (ecd+) in Low and Middle Income Countries: An Expert Opinion Exercise

The Characteristics of Reports to the Police of Child Sexual Abuse and the Likelihood of Cases Proceeding to Prosecution After Delays in Reporting

Inter-Rater Reliability of Physical Abuse Determinations in Young Children With Fractures

Childhood Maltreatment and High Dietary Fat Intake Behaviors in Adulthood: A Birth Cohort Study

Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Prison Homicide: An Extension of Violent Criminal Careers?

The Importance of Religious/ritual Abuse As A Traumatic Predictor of Dissociation

The Role of Violent Thinking in Violent Behavior: It’s More About Thinking Than Drinking

The Intersection of Gender Identity and Violence: Victimization Experienced By Transgender College Students

Family Violence Pathways and Externalizing Behavior in Youth

Domestic Violence As A Risk Factor For Attempted Suicide in Married Women

Beyond Yes Or No: Understanding Undergraduate Students’ Responses As Bystanders to Sexual Assault Risk Situations

Criminal Justice and Behaviour

Street-Level Decision Making: Acceptability, Feasibility, and Use of Evidence-Based Practices in Adult Probation

Journal of Criminal Justice

Examining the Role of Opportunity in the Offense Behavior of Victim Age Polymorphic Sex Offenders

Women in Prison: Investigating Trajectories of Institutional Female Misconduct

Social Support From Outside the Walls: Examining the Role of Relationship Dynamics Among Inmates and Visitors

Offending Patterns For Serial Sex Offenders Identified Via the Dna Testing of Previously Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits

Justice Quarterly

A Time-Series Analysis of Terrorism: Intervention, Displacement, and Diffusion of Benefits by Henda Y. Hsu, Bob Edward Vásquez, David McDowall

Police Bias, Social Identity, and Minority Groups: A Social Psychological Understanding of Cooperation With Police by Kristina Murphy, Robert J. Cramer, Kevin A. Waymire, Julie Barkworth

Criminology and Public Policy

Learning From Replication Failure by Peter Reuter

On the Value of Honeypots to Produce Policy Recommendations by Thomas J. Holt

Building the Ties That Bind, Breaking the Ties That Don't by John H. Boman,, Thomas J. Mowen

Sex Offender Civil Commitment Policies in Context by Kelly M. Socia

Are You Asking Me to Change My Friends? by Faye S. Taxman

Housing As the Tip of the Iceberg in Successfully Navigating Prisoner Reentry by Thomas P. Lebel

Public Perceptions and Housing Assistance For Reentrants by Eric Grommon

Overcoming Public Opposition to Transitional Housing by Brett Garland, Eric Wodahl

Public Support For Emergency Shelter Housing Interventions Concerning Stigmatized Populations by Christopher P. Dum, Kelly M. Socia, Jason Rydberg

Efficacy Is More Effective Than It Seems by Harold A. Pollack

Can An Efficacious Strategy For Curtailing Illegal Drug Sales Be Counted on to Reduce Violent Crime? by Daniel W. Webster, Shani A. L. Buggs

Moving From Efficacy to Effectiveness by Jessica Saunders, Michael Robbins, Allison J. Ober

Policy Implications About Properties of Arrest Risk Across Populations of Provisional Employees With and Without A Criminal Record by Michael R. Gottfredson

Careful What You Wish For by Kiminori Nakamura

Redeemed Compared to Whom? by Samuel E. Dewitt, Shawn D. Bushway, Garima Siwach, Megan C. Kurlychek

Policy Implications of New York's Sex Offender Civil Management Assessment Process by Andrew J. Harris

Situating the Prediction Problem Within Collateral Consequences by Mike Vuolo

Civil Commitment and Risk Assessment in Perspective by Jason Rydberg

Evaluation of New York State's Sex Offender Civil Management Assessment Process Recidivism Outcomes by Jeffrey C. Sandler, Naomi J. Freeman

Illegal Roaming and File Manipulation on Target Computers by Alexander Testa, David Maimon, Bertrand Sobesto, Michel Cukier

Ruminations on Warning Banners, Deterrence, and System Intrusion Research by Kevin F. Steinmetz

Need For Debate on the Implications of Honeypot Data For Restrictive Deterrence Policies in Cyberspace by Adam M. Bossler

Social Networks and Desistance by Christy A. Visher

Crime and Delinquency

Assessing the Representativeness of Nibrs Arrest Data

Journal of Quantitative Criminology

Is Gun Violence Contagious? A Spatiotemporal Test

International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology

Strengthening Evaluation Research: A Case Study of An Evaluability Assessment Conducted in A Carceral Setting

Sociodemographic Predictors of Sex Offender Stigma: How Politics Impact Attitudes, Social Distance, and Perceptions of Sex Offender Recidivism

European Journal of Criminology

The Release of Grand Theft Auto V and Registered Juvenile Crime in the Netherlands

Violence and Victims

An Exploration of the Mediators Between Childhood Maltreatment and Intimate Partner Violence by Smyth, Elizabeth J., Gardner, Frank L., Marks, Donald R., Moore, Zella E.

The Neighborhood Context of Hate Crime: A Comparison of Violent and Property Offenses Using Rare Events Modeling by Benier, Kathryn

Modifying Self-Blame, Self-Esteem, and Disclosure Through A Cooperative Cross-Age Teaching Intervention For Bullying Among Adolescents by Boulton, Michael J., Boulton, Louise

Intimate Partner Abuse and Attachment: A Comparison Between Abused and Nonabused Women by Davidson, M. Meghan, Butchko, Michael S., Castro, Janice E., Robbins, Krista

Victim Alcohol Intoxication During A Sexual Assault: Relations With Subsequent Ptsd Symptoms by Jaffe, Anna E., Steel, Anne L., Dilillo, David, Hoffman, Lesa, Gratz, Kim L., Messman-Moore, Terri L.

Acute Alcohol Use, History of Homelessness, and Intent of Injury Among A Sample of Adult Emergency Department Patients by Jetelina, Katelyn K., Reingle Gonzalez, Jennifer M., Brown, Carlos V.r., Foreman, Michael L., Field, Craig

Co-Occurring Cyberbullying and School Bullying Victimization and Associations With Mental Health Problems Among Canadian Middle and High School Students by Sampasa-Kanyinga, Hugues

Revealing Victimization: the Impact of Methodological Features in the National Crime Victimization Survey by Owens, Jennifer Gatewood

Dating Violence Perpetration: Associations With Early Maladaptive Schemas by Shorey, Ryan C., Strauss, Catherine, Zapor, Heather, Stuart, Gregory L.

Southern Women At Risk: Narratives of Familial and Social Hiv Risk in Justice-Involved U.s. Women in Alabama by Sprague, Courtenay, Radhakrishnan, Bharathi, Brown, Shelley, Sommers, Theresa, Pantalone, David W.

Help-Seeking Behavior Among Moroccan, Romanian, and Ecuadorian Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence in Spain by Vives-Cases, Carmen, La Parra, Daniel

Legal and Criminological Psychology

Well Begun Is Half Done: Interpersonal Behaviours in Distinct Field Interrogations With High-Value Detainees by Paul Christiansen, Laurence Alison, Emily Alison

The Effects of One Versus Two Episodically Oriented Practice Narratives on Children's Reports of A Repeated Event by Meaghan C. Danby, Sonja P. Brubacher, Stefanie J. Sharman, Martine B. Powell

Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health

Klinefelter's Syndrome and Sexual Offending – A Literature Review by Rebecca O'Donovan, Birgit Völlm

Sexual Behaviour in Preschool Children in the Context of Intraparental Violence and Sexual Coercion by Jesse Cale, Patrick Lussier

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Is Restorative Justice Conferencing Appropriate For Youth Offenders?

Terrorism and Political Violence

From Resilience to Fragmentation: Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Jihadist Group Modularity by Adib Bencherif

Punishment and Society

Does the “Last Chance” Sentence Work? Ten Years of Failures and Successes Under A Juvenile Intermediate Sanction in Canada

Journal of Sexual Aggression

Offence Characteristics and Cognitive Functioning in Juveniles Adjudicated For Illegal Sexual Behaviour by John Michael Falligant, Apryl A. Alexander, Barry. R. Burkhart

Perceptions of Behaviours in Stranger Rape Cases: A Sequence Analysis Approach by Hayley E. Ellis, David D. Clarke, David A. Keatley

American Journal of Criminal Justice

Examining the Long-Term Consequences of Bullying on Adult Substance Use

How Do Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying Victimization Affect Fear and Coping Among Students? An Application of General Strain Theory

Students’ Feelings of Safety, Exposure to Violence and Victimization, and Authoritative School Climate

School Resource Officers and the School to Prison Pipeline: Discovering Trends of Expulsions in Public Schools

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology

Surrounded By Violence: How Do Individual Perceptions and Community Context Shape Views About Violence?

Care-Criminalisation: the Involvement of Children in Out-of-Home Care in the New South Wales Criminal Justice System

Criminal Record Checking and Employment: the Importance of Policy and Proximity

‘do You Know Where I Can Buy Ivory?’: the Illegal Sale of Worked Ivory Products in Hong Kong

Police Practice and Research

Contemporary Reflections on the History of Canadian Policing – Reading the Vigilant Eye; Policing Canada From 1867 to 9/11 by James Sheptycki

Police Recruits and Perceptions of Trust in Diverse Groups by Toby Miles-Johnson, Sharon Pickering

Science and Justice

Ink Dating Part Ii: Interpretation of Results in A Legal Perspective

Ink Dating, Part I: Statistical Distribution of Selected Ageing Parameters in A Ballpoint Inks Reference Population

European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research

Understanding Pathways to Crime: Can Anomie Theory Explain Higher Crime Rates Among Refugees? - Current Findings From A Swiss Survey

Cites, Wild Plants, and Opportunities For Crime

Strengthening Cross-Border Law Enforcement Cooperation in the Eu: the Prüm Network of Data Exchange

A Comparison of the Gender-Specificity of Age of Consent Legislation in Europe and China: Towards A Gender-Neutral Age of Consent in China?

The Social Organisation of Migrant Smugglers in Turkey: Roles and Functions

Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice

Frequency of Contact and Relationship Quality Between Places of Worship and the Police

Global Crime

International Flows, Political Order and Social Change: (in)security, By-Product of the Will of Order Over Change by Didier Bigo

Social and Legal Studies

The ‘ombuds Watchers’

Security Journal

Review of Rogers, Colin. 2017. Plural Policing: Theory and Practice . Bristol: Policy Press. Isbn 978 1 4473 2541 3. £19.99. Pp. 155

Criminal Justice Review

The Effect of Socioeconomic Status on Delinquency Across Urban and Rural Contexts

Psychiatry, Psychology and Law

Individual Differences Relate to Support For Insanity and Postpartum Depression Legal Defenses: the Mediating Role of Moral Disengagement by Emily F. Wood, Sarah A. Trescher, Monica K. Miller, Christine M. McDermott

The Effects of Empathy, Emotional Intelligence and Psychopathy on Interpersonal Interactions by Elise S. Owens, Ferguson W. H. McPharlin, Nathan Brooks, Katarina Fritzon

International Criminal Justice Review

Book Review: the Social Life of Forensic Evidence

Women and Criminal Justice

“To This Day She Continues to Struggle With the Terror Imposed Upon Her”: Rape Narratives in Victim Impact Statements by Gillian Balfour, Janice Du Mont, Deborah White

Trends in Organized Crime

Human Trafficking and Criminal Proceedings in Portugal: Discourses of Professionals in the Justice System

International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice

Challenges to Inmate Classification in A Developing Country Setting: Implications For Context-Based Inmate Classification Schemes by Raymund E. Narag, Jordan Galehan, Clarke Jones

The Private Security Complex and Its Regulation in Africa: Select Examples From the Continent by Julie Berg, Simon Howell

Recording of Offences on Police Domestic Violence Call Outs by Monica Fagerlund, Juha Kääriäinen, Noora Ellonen

Restorative Justice

Towards A ‘humanism of Justice’ Through Restorative Justice: A Dialogue With History by Grazia Mannozzi

Victims and Restorative Justice by Diana Batchelor

Restorative Theory in Practice: Insights Into What Works and Why by Marian Liebmann

Pragmatic Abolitionism? Defining the Complex Relationship Between Restorative Justice and Prisons by Jorge Ollero Perán

The International Criminal Court and Restorative Justice: Victims, Participation and the Processes of Justice by Claire Garbett

Conversations on Restorative Justice: A Talk With Ali Gohar by Albert Dzur

Myths of Restorative Features in the Japanese Justice System and Society: the Role of Apology, Compensation and Confession, and Application of Reintegrative Shaming by Masahiro Suzuki, Akinori Otani

Bridging Police and Communities Through Relationship: the Importance of A Theoretical Foundation For Restorative Policing by Krystal Glowatski, Nicholas A. Jones, R. Nicholas Carleton

Response to Annette Pearson’s Note on Restorative Justice in the Colombian Peace Process by Felipe Gómez Isa

From Colombia to the Democratic Republic of Congo: Exploring the Untapped Potential of Restorative Justice. A Response to Annette Pearson by Sahla Aroussi

The Decision to Participate in Mediation and Individual Factors: the Role of Moral Foundations and Their Relation to Restorative and Retributive Orientations by Ana Pereira

Do Victim Impact Panels Reduce Drunk Driving Recidivism? by Sarah Joyce, Kevin M. Thompson

Crime, Community and Morality by Karen Evans

Is Restorative Justice A Piece of the Colombian Transitional Justice Puzzle? by Annette Pearson

Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice

Defendant and Juror Race in A Necessity Case: An Ultimate Attribution Error by Susan Yamamoto, Evelyn M. Maeder

Shmaglena: Ethnic Framework For Problem Mediating by Nadya Bobrowski, Uri Timor, Natti Ronel

Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict: Pathways toward terrorism and genocide


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