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Child Abuse and Neglect

Understanding Child Protection Decisions Involving Parents With Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Adverse and Adaptive Childhood Experiences Are Associated With Parental Reflective Functioning in Mothers With Substance Use Disorder

Associations Between Abuse/neglect and Adhd From Childhood to Young Adulthood: A Prospective Nationally-Representative Twin Study

Adolescents’ Motives For Selling Sex in A Welfare State – A Swedish National Study

Violence Against Child Protection Workers: A Study of Workers’ Experiences, Attributions, and Coping Strategies


How Collective Is Collective Efficacy? the Importance of Consensus in Judgments About Community Cohesion and Willingness to Intervene by Ianbrunton‐smith , patricksturgis , georgeleckie

Aggression and Violent Behavior

Standing Up to Bullying: A Social Ecological Review of Peer Defending in Offline and Online Contexts

Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Help-Seeking Behaviors For Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration By Men Receiving Substance Use Treatment: A Mixed-Methods Secondary Analysis by Nozomu Hashimoto,  polly Radcliffe, Gail Gilchrist

Sexual Coercion Perpetration and Victimization: Gender Similarities and Differences in Adolescence by Andrés A. Fernández-Fuertes, Rodrigo J. Carcedo, Begoña Orgaz, Antonio Fuertes

Social Integration and Domestic Violence Support in An Indigenous Community: Women’s Recommendations of Formal Versus Informal Sources of Support by G. Robin Gauthier,  sara C. Francisco, Bilal Khan, Kirk Dombrowski

Motives, Offending Behavior, and Gender Differences in Murder Perpetrators With Or Without Psychosis by Henning Hachtel, Margaret Nixon, Debra Bennett, Paul Mullen, James Ogloff

The Role of Maternal Acceptance in Mediating Child Outcomes Among Substance Using Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence by Laura Cully, Qiong Wu, Natasha Slesnick

Sexual and Nonsexual Homicide in Scotland: Is There A Difference? by Sara Skott, Eric Beauregard, Rajan Darjee

A Comparison of Juror Decision Making in Race-Based and Sexual Orientation–based Hate Crime Cases by Bradlee W. Gamblin, Andre Kehn, Karen Vanderzanden, Joelle C. Ruthig, Kelly M. Jones, Brittney L. Long

Mediating Justice: Women’s Perceptions of Fairness in the Civil Protection Order Process by M. Kristen Hefner, Aneesa A. Baboolal, Ruth E. Fleury-Steiner, Susan L. Miller

The Effect of Sex and Perpetrator–victim Relationship on Perceptions of Domestic Homicide by Linda C. Karlsson, Tuulia Malén, Johanna K. Kaakinen, Jan Antfolk

Anhedonia and the Relationship Between Other Depressive Symptoms and Aggressive Behavior by Taban Salem, E. Samuel Winer, D. Gage Jordan, Michael R. Nadorff, Jennifer R. Fanning, Jessica Bryant, Mitchell E. Berman, Jennifer C. Veilleux

Levels of Coercive Control Differentiate Between Groups of Victims of Intimate Partner Violence in Colombia by Ana L. Jaramillo-Sierra, Luz A. Carvajal-Villalobos

Criminal Justice and Behaviour

Personality Traits Differentiate Subgroups of Criminal Offenders With Distinct Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Profiles by Monika Dargis, Michael Koenigs

Correlates of Treatment Readiness Among Formerly Incarcerated Homeless Women by Adeline M. Nyamathi, Benissa E. Salem, Maria Ekstrand, Kartik Yadav, Yen Le, Tanya Oleskowicz, Sanghyuk S. Shin

The Role of Sanctions and Incentives in Promoting Successful Reentry: Evidence From the Svori Data by Thomas J. Mowen, Eric Wodahl, John J. Brent, Brett Garland

Disentangling the Relationship Between Social Ties, Prison Visitation, and Recidivism by Cassandra A. Atkin-Plunk, Gaylene S. Armstrong

Megan’s Law 20 Years Later: An Empirical Analysis and Policy Review by Kristen M. Zgoba, Wesley G. Jennings, Laura M. Salerno

The Influence of Sentence Length on the Commission of Serious and Violent Prison Infractions By Female Inmates by Thomas J. Reidy, Jon R. Sorensen

Journal of Criminal Justice

Neurobiological Intervention and Prediction of Treatment Outcome in the Juvenile Criminal Justice System

Depression and Anxiety Outcomes of Offending Trajectories: A Systematic Review of Prospective Longitudinal Studies

Journal of Family Violence

Animal Cruelty Among Children in Violent Households: Children’s Explanations of Their Behavior

Firearm Ownership in High-Conflict Families: Differences According to State Laws Restricting Firearms to Misdemeanor Crimes of Domestic Violence Offenders

International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology

Religiosity, Crime, and Drug Use Among Juvenile Offenders: A Test of Reciprocal Relationships Over Time by Sung Joon Jang

Sexual Abuse: Journal of Research and Treatment

Sex Offender Supervision: Communication, Training, and Mutual Respect Are Necessary For Effective Collaboration Between Probation Officers and Therapists by Nicholas P. Newstrom, Michael Miner, Chris Hoefer, R. Karl Hanson, Beatrice “Bean” E. Robinson

European Journal of Criminology

Controlling Irregular Migration: International Human Rights Standards and the Hungarian Legal Framework by Daniel Gyollai, Anthony Amatrudo

Role-Induced Bias in Criminal Prosecutions by Nicole Egli Anthonioz, Mark Schweizer, Joëlle Vuille, André Kuhn

Prisoners’ Participation and Involvement in Prison Life: Examining the Possibilities and Boundaries by Dorien Brosens

Public Perceptions of the Seriousness of Crime: Weighing the Harm and the Wrong by An Adriaenssen, Letizia Paoli, Susanne Karstedt, Jonas Visschers, Victoria A. Greenfield, Stefaan Pleysier

The Role of Music Among Prisoners and Prison Staff: A Qualitative Research Study by Ortal Edri, Moshe Bensimon

Making Drug Harms: Punishments For Drugs Offenders Who Pose Risks to Children by Simon Flacks

Determinants of Reporting Cybercrime: A Comparison Between Identity Theft, Consumer Fraud, and Hacking by Steve G.a. van de Weijer, Rutger Leukfeldt, Wim Bernasco

The Ecology of Outdoor Rape: the Case of Stockholm, Sweden by Vania Ceccato, Guangquan Li, Robert Haining

Psychology, Crime and Law

Intoxicated Eyewitnesses: Prevalence and Procedures According to England’s Police Officers by Deborah Crossland, Wendy Kneller, Rachel Wilcock

Journal of School Violence

Identifying Children Repeatedly Victimized By Peers: A Preliminary Study by Freddie A. Pastrana, James T. Craig, Samantha J. Gregus, Juventino Hernandez Rodriguez, Ana J. Bridges, Timothy A. Cavell

Journal of Experimental Criminology

Procedural Justice Training For Police Recruits: Results of A Randomized Controlled Trial

Nobody Gives A #%&!: A Factorial Survey Examining the Effect of Criminological Evidence on Opposition to Sex Offender Residence Restrictions

Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health

Police Interactions and Interventions With Suspects Flagged As Experiencing Mental Health Problems by Eddiekane , emilyevans , jurgenmitsch , tahseenjilani , philipquinlan , jackcattell , najatkhalifa

Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma

We Used to Live on Our Own Little Islands: A Qualitative Evaluation of Multifamily Therapy With Veterans by Elisa van Ee, Sophia Murris, Daniël Kool

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Women Offenders: Promoting A Holistic Approach and Continuity of Care Across Criminal Justice and Health Interventions by Jill Annison, Richard Byng, Cath Quinn

Terrorism and Political Violence

From Underground Terrorism to State Terrorism and Beyond: the Question of Terrorism in the Finnish Jäger Movement During and After the First World War by Jussi Jalonen

Right-Wing Terrorism and Militancy in the Nordic Countries: A Comparative Case Study by Jacob Aasland Ravndal

Horizontal Inequality and Violent Unrest in Jerusalem by Jeremy Pressman

The 1904 Assassination of Governor General Bobrikov: Tyrannicide, Anarchism, and the Expanding Scope of “Terrorism” by Richard Bach Jensen

Crime, Law and Social Change

The Impact of Cybercrime on Businesses: A Novel Conceptual Framework and Its Application to Belgium

Performance-Based Evaluation, State Compensation and Judicial Ecology: Dynamics of China’s Detention Review Practice

Punishment and Society

Privatizing Criminal Stigma: Experience, Intergroup Contact, and Public Views About Publicizing Arrest Records by Sarah E Lageson, Megan Denver, Justin T Pickett

James Forman Jr., Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America by John Halushka

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

Outcry Consistency and Prosecutorial Decisions in Child Sexual Abuse Cases by Tammy E. Bracewell

Feminist Criminology

Campus-Based Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy and Title Ix: Revisiting Tensions Between Grassroots Activism and the Criminal Justice System by Sarah Jane Brubaker

Narrating Mother Identities From Prison by Beth A. Easterling, Ben Feldmeyer, Lois Presser

Bruised and Battered: Reinforcing Intimate Partner Violence in Comic Books by Tammy S. Garland, Christina Policastro, Kathryn A. Branch, Brandy B. Henderson

Criminal Justice Policy Review

Book Review: Misdemeanorland: Criminal Courts and Social Control in An Age of Broken Windows Policing By Kohler-Hausmann, I. by Michelle S. Phelps

Introduction to Special Issue: Misdemeanor Justice Project—a Focus on Criminal Justice System Responses to Lower Level Offenses by Preeti Chauhan, Jeremy Travis

Discretion and Diversion in Albany’s Lead Program by Robert E. Worden, Sarah J. McLean

The Effect of Various Police Enforcement Actions on Violent Crime: Evidence From A Saturation Foot-Patrol Intervention by Eric L. Piza

What Difference Does A Lawyer Make? Impacts of Early Counsel on Misdemeanor Bail Decisions and Outcomes in Rural and Small Town Courts by Alissa Pollitz Worden, Kirstin A. Morgan, Reveka V. Shteynberg, Andrew L. B. Davies

Traffic Enforcement Through the Lens of Race: A Sequential Analysis of Post-Stop Outcomes in San Diego, California by Joshua Chanin, Megan Welsh, Dana Nurge

Monetary Myopia: An Examination of Institutional Response to Revenue From Monetary Sanctions For Misdemeanors by Karin D. Martin

Improving the Pace of Criminal Case Processing in State Trial Courts by Brian J. Ostrom, Roger A. Hanson, Matthew Kleiman

Unpacking Pretrial Detention: An Examination of Patterns and Predictors of Readmissions by Jaeok Kim, Preeti Chauhan, Olive Lu, Meredith Patten, Sandra Susan Smith

Deviant Behavior

County-Level Environmental Crime Enforcement: A Case Study of Environmental/green Crimes in Fulton County, Georgia, 1998–2014 by Michael J. Lynch

When the West Meets the East: Cultural Clash and Its Impacts on Anomie in A Sample of Chinese Adolescents by Ruohui Zhao, Hongwei Zhang, Jihong Solomon Zhao, Xinting Wang

Social Bonds and White-Collar Crime: A Two-Study Assessment of Informal Social Controls in White-Collar Offenders by Joost H.r. van Onna, Adriaan J.m. Denkers

How Do People Attribute Their Polydrug Use? A Mixed Methods Approach by Kati Kataja, Karoliina Karjalainen, Jenni Savonen, Pekka Hakkarainen, Sanna Hautala

Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management

Officers’ Views on Women in Policing

Policing and Society

Pulled Over: How Police Stops Define Race and Citizenship by Benjamin Bowling

The Rise and Fall of the Right of Silence by Roxanna Dehaghani

Crime, Media, Culture

Algorithmic Tyranny: Psycho-Pass, Science Fiction and the Criminological Imagination by Mark A Wood

Telling Stories of Rape, Revenge and Redemption in the Age of the Ted Talk by Karen Crawley, Olivera Simic

Emotional Storytelling: Sensational Media and the Creation of the Hiv Sexual Predator by Jennifer M Kilty, Katarina Bogosavljevic

Police Practice and Research

A Comparative Analysis of Male and Female Police Officers Feloniously Killed by Illya Lichtenberg

Young People With Cognitive Disabilities and Overrepresentation in the Criminal Justice System: Service Provider Perspectives on Policing by Kelly Richards, Kathy Ellem

Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling

The Usefulness of Past Crime Data As An Attractiveness Index For Residential Burglars by Aikohanayama , shumpeihaginoya , hirokikuraishi , masakazukobayashi

International Review of Victimology

Deconstructing the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Victim of Sex Trafficking: Harm, Exceptionality and Religion–sexuality Tensions by Avi Boukli, Flora Renz

Social and Legal Studies

Book Review: Law and Poverty in Australia: 40 Years After the Poverty Commission by Peter Robson

European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research

How Long Is Life? Comparing the Processes of Release For Life-Imprisoned Offenders in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden

Global Crime

Crafting Public Security: Demilitarisation, Penal State Reform and Security Policy-Making in Post-Authoritarian Chile by Paul Hathazy

Drug Trafficking, the Informal Order, and Caciques. Reflections on the Crime-Governance Nexus in Mexico by Wil G. Pansters

Violence, Bureaucracy and Intreccio in Brazil by Graham Denyer Willis

International Criminal Justice Review

Book Review: Illegal Drugs, Drug Trafficking and Violence in Latin America by Georgios A. Antonopoulos

Book Review: Windows Into the Soul: Surveillance and Society in An Age of High Technology by Bruce Jacobs

Book Review: Blind Justice: A Former Prosecutor Exposes the Psychology and Politics of Wrongful Convictions by Marvin Zalman

Psychiatry, Psychology and Law

Overdiagnosis in Psychiatry: How Modern Psychiatry Lost Its Way While Creating A Diagnosis For Almost All of Life's Misfortunes, By Paris Joel by Ian Freckelton

Trends in Organized Crime

Cyber-Organised Crime. A Case of Moral Panic?

Critical Studies on Terrorism

We Do Negotiate With Terrorists: Navigating Liberal and Illiberal Norms in Peace Mediation by Julia Palmiano Federer

Victims and Offenders

Taking Stock: A Meta-Analysis of the Predictors of Restrictive Housing by Ryan M. Labrecque

An Exploration of Victimization in the Older Lesbian Population by Michele Stacey, Paige Averett, Brianna Knox

Race and Justice

Parent–child Relations and Delinquency Among African American and European American Juvenile Offenders: An Expanded Examination of Self-Control Theory by Rebecca L. Fix, Janice E. Clifford, Barry R. Burkhart

Justice System Journal

Federalism and Historical Voting on the U.s. Supreme Court by Christopher M. Parker

Going Public: Presidential Impact on Supreme Court Decision-Making by Natalie C. Rogol, Matthew D. Montgomery, Justin T. Kingsland

Health and Justice

The Validity of Open-Source Data When Assessing Jail Suicides by Amanda L. Thomas, Jacqueline Scott and Jeff Mellow

Perceived Importance of Substance Use Prevention in Juvenile Justice: A Multi-Level Analysis by Jessica M. Sales, Gail Wasserman, Katherine S. Elkington, Wayne Lehman, Sheena Gardner, Larkin McReynolds, Tisha Wiley and Hannah Knudsen

Corrections: Policy, Practice and Research

Awakening the Sleeping Giant: the Future of Paroling Authorities in America by Brandon Mathews, Alexandra Walker, Edward E. Rhine

Journal of Human Trafficking

Recognizing Modern Slavery by Stefan Machura, Fay Short, Victoria Margaret Hill, Catherine Rhian Suddaby, Ffion Elena Goddard, Sophie Elisabeth Jones, Emma Louise Lloyd-Astbury, Luke Richardson, Chernise Alexandra Rouse

Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict: Pathways toward terrorism and genocide

Changes and Stabilities in the Language of Islamic State Magazines: A Sentiment Analysis by Logan Macnair, Richard Frank

Sometimes They Mean What They Say: Understanding Violence Among Domestic Extremists by Victor Asal, Andrew Vitek

Crime Psychology Review

Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse: A Review of Factors That Impact Proceedings in the Courtroom by Guy C. M. Skinner

Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence

Consumer Involvement in Japanese Pornography Production

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