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“Experience of the Expected?” Race and Ethnicity Differences in the Effects of Police Contact on Youth by Lee Ann Slocum, Stephanie Ann Wiley

Child Abuse and Neglect

Differential Impacts of Participation in Organized Activities and Maltreatment Types on Adolescent Academic and Socioemotional Development

Individual and Contextual Factors For the Child Abuse Potential of Croatian Mothers: the Role of Social Support in Times of Economic Hardship

The Mitigating Effects of Maternal Social Support and Paternal Involvement on the Intergenerational Transmission of Violence

Limiting the Impacts of Child Abuse and Neglect By Understanding Which Supports Matter Most: A Differential Impact Approach

Can Supportive Parenting Protect Against School Delay Amongst Violence-Exposed Adolescents in South Africa?

Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Sexual Assault Disclosure: the Effect of Victim Race and Perpetrator Type on Empathy, Culpability, and Service Referral For Survivors in A Hypothetical Scenario by Cortney A. Franklin, Alondra D. Garza

Dynamic Risk Factors Characterizing Aggressive Sexual Initiation By Female College Students by Joana Carvalho, Pedro J. Rosa, Bruna Pereira

Intimate Partner Violence and Pet Abuse: Responding Law Enforcement Officers’ Observations and Victim Reports From the Scene by Andrew M. Campbell, Shannon L. Thompson, Tara L. Harris, Sarah E. Wiehe

The Effect of Moral Disengagement on Bullying: Testing the Moderating Role of Personal and Social Factors by Antonios K. Travlos, Haralambos Tsorbatzoudis, Vassilis Barkoukis, Irene Douma

Psychometric Properties of the Dating Violence Questionnaire: Reviewing the Evidence in Chilean Youths by Laura Lara, Javier López-Cepero

A Dyadic Analysis of Ptsd and Psychological Partner Aggression Among U.s. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans: the Impact of Gender and Dual-Veteran Couple Status by Laura E. Watkins, Holly B. Laws

Stranger Harassment (“Piropo”) and Women’s Self-Objectification: the Role of Anger, Happiness, and Empowerment by Alba Moya-Garófano, Rosa Rodríguez-Bailón, Miguel Moya, Jesús L. Megías

Risk Factors For Forced, Incapacitated, and Coercive Sexual Victimization Among Sexual Minority and Heterosexual Male and Female College Students by Colleen M. Ray, Kimberly A. Tyler, Leslie Gordon Simons

Structured Spatial Modeling and Mapping of Domestic Violence Against Women of Reproductive Age in Rwanda by Faustin Habyarimana, Temesgen Zewotir, Shaun Ramroop

“We Boil At Different Degrees”: Factors Associated With Severity of Attack in Sexual Killing by Ewa B. Stefanska, Tamsin Higgs, Adam J. Carter, Anthony R. Beech

Association Among Television and Computer/video Game Use, Victimization, and Suicide Risk Among U.s. High School Students by Whitney L. Rostad, Kathleen C. Basile, Heather B. Clayton

Abusive Relationship and Its Associated Factors Between Deployed and Un-Deployed Veterans in College by Hosik Min

Racial Differences in Children’s Trauma Symptoms Following Complex Trauma Exposure by Rachel Wamser-Nanney, Kathryn E. Cherry, Claudia Campbell, Elise Trombetta

A Methodological Study of Order Effects in Reporting Relational Aggression Experiences by Jennifer M. Serico, Amanda Nemoyer, Naomi E. S. Goldstein, Mark Houck, Stephen S. Leff

Adaptation, Resilience, and Secure Attachment States of Mind in Young South African Female Students Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence in Childhood by Katherine Bain, Carla Durbach

Violence Against Children in Afghanistan: Community Perspectives by Cate M. Cameron, Patrick J. O’leary, Ali Lakhani, Jodie M. Osborne, Luana de Souza, Kristen Hope, Mohammad S. Naimi, Hassan Khan, Qazi S. Jawad, Sabir Majidi

The Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale: Confirmatory Factor Analyses With A National Sample of Victim Advocates by Lorraine T. Benuto, Yueran Yang, Andrew Ahrendt, Caroline Cummings

Peer Victimization and Dating Violence Victimization: the Mediating Role of Loneliness, Depressed Mood, and Life Satisfaction by María-Jesús Cava, Sofía Buelga, Inés Tomás

Identity Abuse As A Tactic of Violence in Lgbtq Communities: Initial Validation of the Identity Abuse Measure by Julie M. Woulfe, Lisa A. Goodman

Transphobia-Based Violence, Depression, and Anxiety in Transgender Women: the Role of Body Satisfaction by Cary L. Klemmer, Sean Arayasirikul, Henry F. Raymond

Maltreatment and Affective and Behavioral Problems in Emerging Adults With and Without Oppositional Defiant Disorder Symptoms: Mediation By Parent–child Relationship Quality by Cliff McKinney, Melanie Stearns, Erica Szkody

Do Multiple Forms of Social Capital Mediate the Relationship Between Parental Violence and Children’s Maladaptive Behaviors? by Sangwon Kim, Yanghee Lee

School Victimization, Immigration, Dropping Out, and Gender Disparities by Anthony A. Peguero, Egbert Zavala, Zahra Shekarkhar, Moneque Walker-Pickett

Prevalence and Risk of Violent Ideation and Behavior in Serious Mental Illnesses: An Analysis of 63,572 Patient Records by Matthew W. Roché, Douglas J. Boyle, Chia-Cherng Cheng, Jill Del Pozzo, Lindsay Cherneski, Joe Pascarella, Alicia Lukachko, Steven M. Silverstein

The Invisible Burden of Violence Against Girls and Young Women in Mexico: 1990 to 2015 by Martha P. Romero Mendoza, Héctor Gómez-Dantes, Quetzaliztli Manríquez Montiel, Gabriela J. Saldívar Hernández, Julio C. Campuzano Rincón, Rafael Lozano, María Elena Medina-Mora Icaza

Intimate Partner Violence in Iran: Factors Associated With Physical Aggression Victimization and Perpetration by Fatemeh Nikparvar, Sandra Stith, Jared Anderson, Laily Panaghi

Criminal Justice and Behaviour

Does Work Stress Change Personalities? Working in Prison As A Personality-Changing Factor Among Correctional Officers by Nina Suliman, Tomer Einat

Psychopathic Traits and Recurring Victimization: An Examination Using A Community and Clinical Sample by Leah E. Daigle, Brent Teasdale

Validation of A Tool to Measure Attitudes Among Community Corrections Officers Toward Shared Decision Making With Formerly Incarcerated Persons With Mental Illness by Jason Matejkowski, Sungkyu Lee, Margaret E. Severson

Predicting Support For Procedurally Just Treatment: the Case of the Israel National Police by Tal Jonathan-Zamir, Amikam Harpaz

Cross-Validation of the Discrimination and Calibration Properties of the Vrag-R in A Treated Sexual Offender Sample by Mark E. Olver, Lindsay A. Sewall

Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency

The Seasons They Are A Changin’: Testing For Seasonal Effects of Potentially Criminogenic Places on Street Robbery by Cory P. Haberman, Evan T. Sorg, Jerry H. Ratcliffe

The Effect of Housing Demolitions on Crime in Buffalo, New York by Andrew P. Wheeler, Dae-Young Kim, Scott W. Phillips

Criminology and Public Policy

Journal of Family Violence

Service Use and Needs Among Female Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Attending Community College

Crime and Delinquency

Exploring Bias in Police Shooting Decisions With Real Shoot/don’t Shoot Cases by John L. Worrall, Stephen A. Bishopp, Scott C. Zinser, Andrew P. Wheeler, Scott W. Phillips

International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology

Aggressive Incidents in Residential Youth Care by Jantine van den Tillaart, Ellen Eltink, Geert-Jan Stams, Peer van der Helm, Inge Wissink

Responsive Aggression Regulation Therapy (re-Art): An Evaluation Study in A Dutch Juvenile Justice Institution in Terms of Recidivism by Larissa M. Hoogsteder, Geert-Jan J. M. Stams, Eveline E. Schippers, Daphne Bonnes

Executive Functioning, Reward/punishment Sensitivity, and Conduct Problems in Boys With Callous-Unemotional Traits by Evelien Platje, Stephan C. J. Huijbregts, Stephanie H. M. van Goozen, Arne Popma, Maaike Cima, Hanna J. T. Swaab

Beyond Ability to Pay: Procedural Justice and Offender Compliance With Restitution Orders by Andrew S. Gladfelter, Brendan Lantz, R. Barry Ruback

Sexual Abuse: Journal of Research and Treatment

The Prevalence of Sexual Abuse in Institutions: Results From A Representative Population-Based Sample in Germany by Andreas Witt, Miriam Rassenhofer, Marc Allroggen, Elmar Brähler, Paul L. Plener, Jörg M. Fegert

The Etiology of Risk in Sexual Offenders: A Preliminary Model by Sébastien Brouillette-Alarie, Jean Proulx

European Journal of Criminology

Do Offenders Have Distinct Offending Patterns Before They Join Adult Gang Criminal Groups? Analyses of Crime Specialization and Escalation in Offence Seriousness by Maria Libak Pedersen

Legal and Criminological Psychology

Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health

Journal of Experimental Criminology

Can Circles of Support and Accountability (cosa) Significantly Reduce Sexual Recidivism? Results From A Randomized Controlled Trial in Minnesota

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Status, Stigma and Stereotype: How Drug Takers and Drug Suppliers Avoid Negative Labelling By Virtue of Their ‘conventional’ and ‘law-Abiding’ Lives by Rebecca Askew, Mike Salinas

From Severe to Routine Labour Exploitation: the Case of Migrant Workers in the UK Food Industry by Jon Davies

Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma

Does Bullying Affect Work-to-Private-Life Interference? Testing the Mediating Role of Resilience by Sara Viotti, Judith E. Arnetz, Daniela Converso

Studies in Conflict and Terrorism

Boko Haram's Conquest For the Caliphate: How Al Qaeda Helped Islamic State Acquire Territory by Jacob Zenn

Terrorism and Political Violence

The Effect of Terrorism on Stock Markets: Evidence From the 21st Century by Stelios Markoulis, Savvas Katsikides

Al Qaeda’s Post 9-11 Travails by Anthony Celso

Changes and Drivers in Contemporary Terrorism by Ryan Shaffer

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

Examining the Effects of A Service-Trained Facility Dog on Stress in Children Undergoing Forensic Interview For Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse by Cheryl A. Krause-Parello, Michele Thames, Colleen M. Ray, John Kolassa

Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice

Assessing Two Measurements of Self-Control For Juvenile Delinquency in China by Xue Weng, Wing Hong Chui

Testing the Dimensionality of Low Self-Control Across Three Groups of Chinese Adolescents by Ling Ren, Jihong Zhao, Yuchun Luo

Homicide Studies

Does Socioeconomic Development Explain the Association Between Seafood Consumption and Cross-National Homicide? by Alexander Testa, Mateus Rennó Santos, Douglas B. Weiss

Journal of Criminal Justice Education

Predictors of Criminal Justice Undergraduates’ Intentions to Pursue Graduate Education in Criminology Or Criminal Justice by Maisha N. Cooper, Alexander H. Updegrove, Jeff A. Bouffard

New Opportunities Or Closing Doors? How Correctional Facility Tours Impact Students’ Thoughts About Correctional Careers by Melissa J. Stacer, Lydia M. Moll, Monica Solinas-Saunders

Assessing Student Attitudes Toward Sexual Assault By Using A Mock Trial by Amy J. Stichman, McKenzie Wood, Anna-Alicia Watson

Deviant Behavior

The New Mothers’ Little Helpers: Medicalization, Victimization, and Criminalization of Motherhood Via Prescription Drugs by Michelle Smirnova, Jennifer Gatewood Owens

Clinical Profile, Risk, and Critical Factors and the Application of the “Path Toward Intended Violence” Model in the Case of Mass Shooter Dylann Roof by C. S. Allely, L. Faccini

Erotic Authenticity: Comparing Intimate Relationships Between High-End Bar and Low-End Bar in China’s Global Sex Industry by Eileen Yuk-Ha Tsang

Policing and Society

Citizens in Policing: the Lived Reality of Being A Police Support Volunteer by Andrew Millie

An Examination of English and Welsh Constables’ Perceptions of the Seriousness and Frequency of Online Incidents by Thomas J. Holt, George W. Burruss, Adam M. Bossler

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology

Understanding and Responding to Family Violence Risks to Children: Evidence-Based Risk Assessment For Children and the Importance of Gender by Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Janemaree Maher, Jude McCulloch, Marie Segrave

Crime, Media, Culture

Representing Environmental Harm and Resistance on Twitter: the Case of the Tap Pipeline in Italy by Anna Di Ronco, James Allen-Robertson, Nigel South

Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling

Animal Abuse: Offender and Offence Characteristics. A Descriptive Study by Anton Wijk, Manon Hardeman, Nienke Endenburg

Comparing Serial Homicides to Single Homicides: A Study of Prevalence, Offender, and Offence Characteristics in Sweden by Joakim Sturup

Social and Legal Studies

Book Review: Rage For Order: the British Empire and the Origins of International Law, 1800-1850 by Priyasha Saksena

Book Review: the Preventive Turn in Criminal Law by Chloë Kennedy

The Use of Quantitative Methods in Labour Law Research: An Assessment and Reformulation by Simon Deakin

Kaleidoscopic Justice: Sexual Violence and Victim-Survivors’ Perceptions of Justice by Clare McGlynn, Nicole Westmarland

Securitization and Community-Based Protection Among Chin Refugees in Kuala Lumpur by Kirsten McConnachie

Book Review: Towards A Rhetoric of Medical Law by Karen Richmond

Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice

Understanding the Changing Patterns of Behaviour Leading to Increased Detentions By the Police Under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983

Vitale, A. (2017). the End of Policing

Policing Non-Violent Crowds: Lessons From Kumbh Mela in India

Social Identity and Intergroup Relationships in the Management of Crowds During Mass Emergencies and Disasters: Recommendations For Emergency Planners and Responders1

Officer Appearance and Perceptions of Police: Accoutrements As Signals of Intent

Journal of Offender Rehabilitation

Partnership After Prison: Couple Relationships During Reentry by Megan Comfort, Kathleen E. Krieger, Justin Landwehr, Tasseli McKay, Christine H. Lindquist, Rose Feinberg, Erin K. Kennedy, Anupa Bir

Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology

Interrogative Specialists and False Confessions: Debunking the Con Artist Myth

European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research

Introduction to the Special Issue on Crime and Criminal Justice in Europe

Security Journal

Counterterrorism in Africa: An Analysis of the Civilian Joint Task Force and Military Partnership in Nigeria

Understanding Risky Facilities: An Analysis of Factors Associated With Jail Escapes in Eight States

Review of Ferguson, Andrew Guthrie. 2017. the Rise of Big Data Policing: Surveillance, Race, and the Future of Law Enforcement . New York: New York University Press. 259 Pages. Paperback Isbn: 9781479892822

Criminal Justice Review

Ashamed and Alone: Comparing Offender and Family Member Experiences With the Sex Offender Registry by Danielle J. S. Bailey, Jennifer L. Klein

Book Review: From Retribution to Public Safety: Disruptive Innovation of American Criminal Justice by Lee Ayers

The Myth of the Tech-Savvy Teen and the Clueless Senior Citizen: Revisiting Technology-Based Victimization Over the Life Course by Travis C. Pratt

Psychiatry, Psychology and Law

Involuntary Hospitalisation in France: Major Evolution of Legal Aspects by Cécile Michaud, Sébastien Prat

What Evidence Matters to Jurors? the Prevalence and Importance of Different Homicide Trial Evidence to Mock Jurors by Kimberly Schweitzer, Narina Nuñez

Impact of Gruesome Photographic Evidence on Legal Decisions: A Meta-Analysis by Rebecca Hofstein Grady, Lauren Reiser, Robert J. Garcia, Christian Koeu, Nicholas Scurich

Journal of Crime and Justice

Identifying High-Risk Young Adults For Violence Prevention: A Validation of Psychometric and Social Scales in Honduras by Tom Hare, Juan Carlos Guzman, Laura Miller-Graff

International Criminal Justice Review

Book Review: Undocumented Fears: Immigration and the Politics of Divide and Conquer in Hazleton, Philadelphia by Raffaele Muzzica

Trends in Organized Crime

Review of Communities and Crime: An Enduring American Challenge . By Pamela Wilcox, Francis T. Cullen, and Ben Feldmeyer

Correction To: Accounting For Turbulence in the Colombian Underworld

Race and Justice

The Processing of Homicides in the Courts: An Examination of Multiple Case Outcomes by Jesenia M. Pizarro, Kristen M. Zgoba, Laura M. Salerno, Giovanni Circo

Sustaining Systemic Racism Through Psychological Gaslighting: Denials of Racial Profiling and Justifications of Carding By Police Utilizing Local News Media by Heston Tobias, Ameil Joseph

International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice

Crime Prevention Volunteering in Japan: Japanese Citizens’ Contribution to Low Crime Rates

Crime Prevention Through Community Empowerment: An Empirical Study of Social Capital in Kyoto, Japan

Exploring the Impact of Organizational Investment on Occupational Fraud: Mediating Effects of Ethical Culture and Monitoring Control

Ethical Legitimacy of Criminal Law

Entrapment Allegations in Right-Wing Terrorism Cases: A Mixed-Methods Analysis

Crime Prevention in Japan Orchestration, Representation and Impact of A Volunteering Boom

Plus Bouhan: A New Community-Based Approach to Crime Prevention in Japan

‘the Iceberg Beneath the Sea’, Fraudsters and Their Punishment Through Non-Criminal Justice in the ‘fraud Justice Network’ in England and Wales

Offender Rehabilitation Reform in Japan: Effective Cooperation Between Professional and Volunteer Probation Officers

Asian Journal of Criminology

Estimating Size of Drug Users in Macau: An Open Population Capture-Recapture Model With Data Augmentation Using Public Registration Data

Justice System Journal

Ideological Congruity on State Supreme Courts by Todd A. Curry, Michael K. Romano

Police Journal

Police Officers and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Discussing the Deficit in Research, Identification and Prevention in England and Wales by Jim Foley, Kristina Massey

Police Quarterly

Perceptions and Perceived Challenges Associated With A Hypothetical Career in Law Enforcement: Differences Among Male and Female College Students by Josie Francesca Cambareri, Joseph B. Kuhns

Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention

Knowledge and Skills Needed For Successful Management of Crime Prevention Strategies by Teresa Silva

Intervening in Domestic Violence As A Police Task: Legal Reform and Policing Versus Citizens’ Perspective by Monica Fagerlund, Juha Kääriäinen

Protecting Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: Swedish Prosecutors’ Experiences of Decision-Making Regarding Restraining Orders by Susanne J. M. Strand, Sofi Fröberg, Jennifer E. Storey

Journal of Human Trafficking

How Sex Trading Identities Shape Experiences of Service Provision: Insights From Adult Women With Lived Experiences and Service Providers by Lara Gerassi, Vanessa Fabbre, Abby Howard, Tonya E. Edmond, Andrea Nichols

Health and Justice

Correction To: the Development of A Healing Model of Care For An Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation Service: A Community-Based Participatory Research Approach by Alice Munro, Anthony Shakeshaft and Anton Clifford

Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression

The Piracy Terrorism Paradigm: An Interlinking Relationship by Joshua Regan

Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice

Sport Exceptionalism and the Court of Arbitration For Sport

Amateurism, Scientific Control, and Crime: Historical Fluctuations in Anti-Doping Discourses in Sport

Sexual Violence and Collegiate Athletics: Us Federal Law, Adjudication and the Media Spotlight


The Problems and Causes of Match-Fixing: Are Legal Sports Betting Regimes to Blame?

In Plain Sight – Examining the Harms of Professional Wrestling As State-Corporate Crime

Challenging Popular Representations of Child Trafficking in Football

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