CrimPapers daily update

Welcome to the CrimPapers daily update for Friday 23 March 2018, containing 5 articles from 5 journals.

Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice

Unpacking Spatio-Temporal Differences of Risk For Crime: An Analysis in Little Rock, Ar

European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research

From Human Trafficking to Modern Slavery: the Development of Anti-Trafficking Policy in the UK

Critical Criminology

What’s in the Water? How Media Coverage of Corporate Genx Pollution Shapes Local Understanding of Risk

Trends in Organized Crime

Structure, Multiplexity, and Centrality in A Corruption Network: the Czech Rath Affair

Health and Justice

Serious Mental Illness and Negative Substance Use Consequences Among Adults on Probation by Matthew E. Rossheim, Melvin D. Livingston, Jennifer A. Lerch, Faye S. Taxman and Scott T. Walters

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