CrimPapers daily update

Welcome to the CrimPapers daily update for Thursday 29 September 2022, containing 9 articles from 8 journals.

Crime and Delinquency

Can Community Policing Reduce the Chilling Effect of Immigration Enforcement on Latinx Crime Reporting? Evidence From Los Angeles by Ashley N. Muchow

Homicide Hot Spots in Chicago: Examining Spatiotemporal Patterns Longitudinally Across Police Beats by Christi L. Gullion, Benjamin P. Comer, Ryan Randa

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Life-Courses, Social Change and Politics: Evidence For the Role of Politically Motivated Structural-Level Influences on Individual Criminal Careers by Stephen Farrall, Emily Gray, Philip Mike Jones

Homicide Studies

A Global Lethal Force Monitor: Comparative Opportunities and Challenges by Brian Rappert, Otto Adang, Jasper de Paepe, Abi Dymond, Marleen Easton, Thomas Probert

Police Practice and Research

Policing Pandemic in China: Investigating the Roles of Organizational Adjustment, Procedural Justice, and Police Trustworthiness on Public Compliance by Kai Lin, Shan Shen, Ivan Y. Sun, Yuning Wu

International Journal of Police Science & Management

Drivers of Police Agencies’ Resistance to Body-Worn Camera Adoption by Viviana Andreescu, David Kim

Crime Science

Illegal Waste Fly-Tipping in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Enhanced Compliance, Temporal Displacement, and Urban–rural Variation by Anthony C. Dixon, Graham Farrell and Nick Tilley

Crime and Justice

Punishments, Politics, and Prisons in Western Countries by Michael Tonry

Police Quarterly

“How Should the Police Let Victims Down?” the Impact of Reassurance Call-Backs By Local Police Officers to Victims of Vehicle and Cycle Crimes: A Block Randomized Controlled Trial by Ben Clark, Barak Ariel, Vincent Harinam

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