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Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Tolerance For Intimate Partner Violence: A Comparative Study of Chinese and American College Students

Attributions of Blame in A Hypothetical Child Sexual Abuse Case: Roles of Behavior Problems and Frequency of Abuse

Prevalence of Elder Polyvictimization in the United States: Data From the National Elder Mistreatment Study

Journal of Criminal Justice

Computer Criminal Behavior Is Related to Psychopathy and Other Antisocial Behavior

Justice Quarterly

Neighborhood Advantage, Relative Status, and Violence Among Foreign-Born Adolescents by Lori A. Burrington

Criminal Records and Employment: A Survey of Experiences and Attitudes in the United States by Megan Denver, Justin T. Pickett, Shawn D. Bushway

Crime and Delinquency

Fast Food Restaurants and Convenience Stores: Using Sales Volume to Explain Crime Patterns in Seattle

Can the General Theory of Crime and General Strain Theory Explain Cyberbullying Perpetration?

The Effect of 311 Calls For Service on Crime in D.c. At Microplaces

Sexual Abuse: Journal of Research and Treatment

Between the Pew and the Pulpit: Can Personality Measures Help Identify Sexually Abusive Clergy?

Sexual Abuse Within Employment Settings: A Comparison of Work-Related, Intra- and Extra-Familial Child Molesters

Journal of Sexual Aggression

Substance Abuse Among Sexual Offenders: Review of Research and Clinical Implications by Jeffrey Abracen, Jan Looman, Meaghan Ferguson

Deviant Behavior

Finding Hope As A “Tempting Girl” in China: Sex Work, Indentured Mobility, and Cosmopolitan Individuals by Eileen Yuk-Ha Tsang

Policing and the Focal Concerns Framework: Exploring How Its Core Components Apply to the Discretionary Enforcement Decisions of Police Officers by Glen A. Ishoy, Dean A. Dabney

Ptsd and Ptsd-Linked Victimization Sensitivity As Risk Factors For Alcohol Use Among Juvenile Offenders: A Group-Based Trajectory Modeling Approach by Thomas W. Wojciechowski

Policing and Society

Police, Race and Culture in the ‘new Ireland’: An Ethnography by Richard Martin

Criminal Justice Policy Review

An Examination of Multiple Factors Influencing Support For Sex Offender Policy

Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice

Patterns of Police, Fire, and Ambulance Calls-For-Service: Scanning the Spatio-Temporal Intersection of Emergency Service Problems

Human Trafficking and Labour Exploitation in the Casual Construction Industry: An Analysis of Three Major Investigations in the UK Involving Irish Traveller Offending Groups

Forensic Laboratories: Is It All About Survival?

Security Journal

Private Intelligence in the Republic of Slovenia: Theoretical, Legal, and Practical Aspects

Asian Journal of Criminology

Spatio-Temporal Change of Crime At Provincial Scale in China—since the Economic Reform

Crime Psychology Review

Statement of Retraction

Journal of Developmental and Life-Course Criminology

Marijuana Use At Early Midlife and the Trajectories of Social Bonds

Police Quarterly

Department of Justice Consent Decrees As the Foundation For Community-Initiated Collaborative Police Reform

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