CrimPapers daily update

Welcome to the CrimPapers daily update for Tuesday 17 October 2017, containing 16 articles from 14 journals.

Criminal Justice and Behaviour

The Effectiveness of A Cognitive Skills Training Program For Adult Offenders by Suzan Verweij, Bouke S. J. Wartna, Nikolaj Tollenaar, Marinus G. C. J. Beerthuizen

Revisiting the Organized/disorganized Model of Sexual Homicide by Karin Mjanes, Eric Beauregard, Melissa Martineau

Journal of Criminal Justice

It's A War Out There: Contextualized Narratives of Violent Acts

International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology

Moving Home: Examining the Independent Effects of Individual- and Neighborhood-Level Residential Mobility on Recidivism in High-Risk Parolees by Gregory Breetzke, Devon Polaschek

Psychology, Crime and Law

Communication Error Management in Law Enforcement Interactions: A Receiver’s Perspective by Miriam S.d. Oostinga, Ellen Giebels, Paul J. Taylor

Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adolescent Delinquency in A High-Risk Sample by Abigail A. Fagan, Abigail Novak

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Implementing A Perpetrator-Focused Partnership Approach to Tackling Domestic Abuse: the Opportunities and Challenges of Criminal Justice Localism by Pamela Ann Davies, Paul Biddle

Responding to Hate Crime: Escalating Problems, Continued Failings by Neil Chakraborti

International Review of Victimology

Generational Victimhood in Post-Apartheid South Africa by Cyril K Adonis

Crime, Media, Culture

Private Prisons and the Management of Scandal by Otis Boyle, Elizabeth Stanley

Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice

The Evolution of the Police Analyst and the Influence of Evidence-Based Policing

Social and Legal Studies

Justice For Ms Dhu by Pauline Klippmark, Karen Crawley

Race and Justice

Whose Lives Matter by Jean Reith Schroedel, Roger J. Chin

Victims and Offenders

Family Deviance, Self-Control, Deviant Lifestyles, and Youth Violent Victimization: A Latent Indirect Effects Analysis by Margit Wiesner, Kathan Shukla

International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice

China and “La Questione Criminale” (“The Criminal Question”): Revolutionary and Reformist Periods

Justice System Journal

Is Collecting Cell-Site Data A Search Under the Fourth Amendment? Carpenter V. United States by Pamela C. Corley

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