CrimPapers daily update

Welcome to the CrimPapers daily update for Friday 26 November 2021, containing 6 articles from 3 journals.

Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology

Toward A More Perfect Trial: Amending Federal Rules of Evidence 106 and 803 to Complete the Rule of Completeness

Constitutional Pandemic Surveillance

Don't (tower) Dump on Freedom of Association: Protest Surveillance Under the First and Fourth Amendments

Breonna Taylor: Transforming A Hashtag Into Defunding the Police

American Journal of Criminal Justice

Cybercrime Victimization and Problematic Social Media Use: Findings From A Nationally Representative Panel Study

Health and Justice

Can Touch This: Training to Correct Police Officer Beliefs About Overdose From Incidental Contact With Fentanyl by Brandon Del Pozo, Emily Sightes, Sunyou Kang, Jeremiah Goulka, Bradley Ray and Leo A. Beletsky

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