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Welcome to the CrimPapers daily update for Saturday 26 May 2018, containing 9 articles from 7 journals.

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

Victimization and Violence: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Child Sexual Abuse, Violence, and Delinquency by Rebecca Shoaf Kozak, Melinda Gushwa, Tamara J. Cadet

Educator Sexual Misconduct and Texas Educator Discipline Database Construction by Catherine E. Robert, David P. Thompson

Advancing Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools: An Exploration of the Effectiveness of the Enough! Online Training Program For K-12 Teachers by Melinda Gushwa, Jetta Bernier, David Robinson

Punishment and Society

Ambiguous Publicities: Cultivating Doubt At the Intersection of Competing Genres of Risk Evaluation in Catalan Prisons by Johanna Römer

Policing and Society

Can Diversity Promote Trust? Neighbourhood Context and Trust in the Police in Northern Ireland by Ben Bradford, John Topping, Richard Martin, Jonathan Jackson

Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice

Proposing A Theoretical Framework For the Criminal Investigation of Human Trafficking Crimes

Journal of Crime and Justice

Sentencing Other People’s Children: the Intersection of Race, Gender, and Juvenility in the Adult Criminal Court by Peter S. Lehmann

Trends in Organized Crime

Violence and Electoral Competition: Criminal Organizations and Municipal Candidates in Mexico

Asian Journal of Criminology

Inter-Agency Cooperation to Raise Awareness on Human Trafficking in Vietnam: Good Practices and Challenges

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