Chart: Police are arresting half as many people as a decade ago

A combination of legal changes and decreases in many common types of crime, together with closures of custody suites due to budget cuts, mean police are making about 760,000 fewer arrests per year now, compared to a decade ago.

Chart: Over 10 years, basic police pay has fallen by 22% in real terms

A combination of government-led changes to pay mean a police constable who has just completed initial training in England and Wales is paid about £6,700 less now than they would have been a decade ago, once inflation is taken into account.

Chart: Police cuts haven't hit everywhere equally

There are almost 22,000 fewer police officers in England and Wales than in 2010, but numbers haven’t dropped equally across police forces. One force (Surrey) has the same number of officers now as 10 years ago, while officer numbers in forces like Humberside are increasing after steep cuts.